Saturday, October 26, 2013

Facebook, Females and Phone Numbers

I've been a member of Facebook for a few years now. 

It's fun to play around on and sort of stupid/inane at the same time ... but still a fun place to emote, be nonsensical and also, very much, try to offend folks (I love pissing off the Xtian people by posting all sorts of offensive and super blasphemous stuff about jesus; they are such an insecure lot as special interest groups go that I just can' help but fuck with them). 

Many of my family friends are currently active on that social site, also other folks who I don't really know in "real life" but who, nonetheless, have made themselves known to me via my existing relationships with other family members and traditional, long term friends.

(and BTW .. since a large part of my involvement with Facebook and other social media sites is to further propagate information regarding and the circumstances therein, a large part of my Facebook page is kept public. Photos, notes, etc. are all public. So if your curious about the freak who authors this blog and related information in general, then feel free to visit my stupid ass Facebook page: Joel's page on Facebook )

This post is sort of pre emptory as it's been known to me for some time, and against all logic or past indications of the same, that the whackos running the investigation against me have pined longingly over the years to some how cast me in a light that seems to indicate aberrations of behavior in regards to my relationships (real or imagined) with women.

Think classic and inane psychological profiles: an obsessive stalker, repressed sexually and prone to act out inappropriately towards objects of affection, showing uninvited and/or unwanted instances of attraction towards females who are obviously not appropriate (married women, much younger women, etc.). And always, these sorts of supposed aberrations of behavior would meet some pre requisite that also would need to cast me in a light that could be called exceptionally worrisome or potentially "escalating."

It's really the most basic of TV sitcom psych-thriller tripe that the idiots running the investigation have attempted to align me with and I've written about such many times over the years, but of late, recent rumblings have prompted me to revisit.

Here's my Address and Social (and phone number)

The following isn't the real point of this brief post but it is a good introduction to why this post is necessary...

A long time ago, at my day job, where I have it on countless and dependable authorities that friends of my father (many in law enforcement) have acted as ongoing and persistent informants/operatives in the investigation against me, ... a certain very attractive young hispanic lady either feigned or had an actual phone conversation wherein she quite loudly proclaimed her physical address, phone number and social security number (you can read about this long past incident, here). 

At that time, it raised my eye brows because of the previous mentioned points above, the truly psychotic wishlist of the investigators to force me in to some criminal slot of being potentially dangerous towards women (which is pretty hilarious considering my somewhat lengthy and really awesome past history of relationships over the past 30+ years) ... but also, because the time and place that the young woman so loudly voiced these facts was just completely unusual: in a security guard office, with she and I the only persons inside, and me sitting only a few feet from her. 

It just didn't add up and knowing what I know about the simpletons running the investigation and especially their simple goals involving myself ... I decided to write about it.

Facebook and Phone Numbers

And so ... similarly but not nearly as dramatic, another such instance has occurred recently and specifically in regards to my activity on Facebook...

I'll be brief because one, this entire post is simply based on personal internal musings and not so much anything I know factually and two, because it's old and tired subject matter and it bores me to write about it (although, it's nonetheless important to do so).

A certain friend of my sisters, on Facebook ... who happens to also be an extremely attractive hispanic female, who I only know via Facebook (and my sister's real world relationship with her), recently ... and strangely, publicly listed her phone number on Facebook. 

I found this strange, immediately ... not so much due to or myself .. but simply because really hot, 20 something female models (she's a model, btw) simply aren't in the habit of publicizing their phone numbers or otherwise personal information on public social forums ... I mean, unless they are just stupid as fuck and this young woman, I assure you is not stupid in the least.

Actually, she seems to be a rather intelligent chick. 

Like I said, she's what most guys would consider painfully gorgeous, a model (think erotica/pin up) and also, she happens to be a pretty good friend of my sister. My sister, as well, has acted in a professional regard as this woman's make up artist and hair stylist, being involved in more than a few professional shoots and also, casually over the years.

Personally, I would very much like to link to some of their jointly produced work here in this blog post because it's really nice work and as young women, I am really proud of what both of them have managed to accomplish in that profession (modeling/photography/makeup/hair/etc.) but I certainly won't link to such as I'd rather not directly involve their efforts with my circumstances around and I as well do not like referencing persons by name here or on as it's simply proper public etiquette to not do so.

That said, recently this chick who I don't really know just randomly posted her phone number to Facebook with something to the effect of "feel free to text me," or the like. Which, to my mind and especially knowing what I know of the investigators ... throws a few internal checks...

And really, just to avoid regurgitating old ideas ... it's the same as it's ever been...

Cel phones are easily manipulated. Any number of methods could be used to send ellicit and/or inappropriate texts or even images to this young woman's phone and at the same time link it to my own personal number. Crazy sounding but true and it's easily done using wireless technology.

Although I'm not in the habit of sending questionable (or any) content to women of any age, it's nonetheless important to state these things here and publicly on the very slim chance that said information (this woman's phone number) might some day be used against me.

Further, and although I don't send pictures of myself to other persons ... I have, on many occasions used my cel phone to take images of myself. I am, after all, about two years in to a rather intense physical training regimen and taking bathroom shots is occasionally par for the course in regards to noting monthly progress and the like. I've done this and will do this going forward. And this is stated as those photos could easily be intercepted by others (I've emailed them to myself for purposes of editing in photoshop) via various methods ... and too, about a year ago, a cel phone of mine was stolen and some of such regular content could have existed on that particular phone.

It's a shame that I must go through an otherwise normal social landscape, having to consider these foul possibilities, but in the end, it is very true that I must.

Regarding phones and texts (and images) 

I've actually only used a cel phone for the past few years or so. Prior to the past few years, I felt the circumstances around to be far to volatile and un predictable to even own a phone. But, over the past few years I've felt comfortable enough to own one and have even come to enjoy using it (a Samsung Note) as the alarm clock app is fucking awesome and it works great as a mobile hot spot. Otherwise, and just frankly, I hardly speak on it or text on it at all (other than for work). As an illustration, I have a 500 minute a month voice plan and typically use only about 15 minutes of that or less every month. Fucking funny; my rollover minutes are way up in the thousands upon thousands.

And I certainly don't have any regular conversations with chicks ... another unfortunate by product of being the subject of a politically driven smear campaign but one which I'm not too bothered by because hey, I've certainly had more than my share of fun over the years and prior to all this idiot-driven haranguing; and, as mentioned in the past, sex just isn't a priority ... (and there's always Femjoy, should I feel the need for such plain, gratuitous, enjoyments and I'm perfectly capable of delivering them myself).

So to the woman who is mentioned in this past post, if you happen to ever read this ... sorry to have to discuss you in this light. I know I didn't mention a name but should you read this, I hope you understand that though strange seeming, in my situation, such public musings are highly important. Otherwise? Keep making killer stuff...your awesome!

And just speaking of phones and "sexting" 

Of late I've personally been the recipient of certain phone transmissions sent from women and to myself, that could be said to be VERY sexually explicit (and honestly, a little creepy in so far as my own standards are concerned, although most other guys would find it rather welcome and have actually told me they can't believe I haven't "gotten with that!" already, etc.).

The particular texts/images that were sent to me were not invited by myself ... but were just sent randomly as the woman in particular, an old friend of mine who has always been fond of me, is vocally unhappy in her marriage and has been making quite obvious advances on me as (I suppose) a possible suitor, once her divorce is done.

This particular woman has actually sent me rather pornographic content ... videos and photos depicting herself in all manner of sexual activity from straight up dildo masturbation videos to a variety of random and sexually explicit photos of herself. As mentioned, I'm a bit repelled by this in regards to actually considering a relationship with such a person ... although, just plainly speaking and sexually, it's certainly not lost on me. But in so far as considering a real relationship (which I'm generally and most historically interested in)? Not so much...

Of course, I have never returned such sexually explicit shots of myself...though she's hinted at that...but even in my more drunken moments of revelry on the weekends, when our exchanges have generally taken place, I still was not inclined to even ponder such (creep city!). 

I was really taken aback by all of it (the photos/videos, etc.) that she sent; and I suppose I might just be a tad naive regarding such things and that it might simply be a rather common occurrence among folks our age and of our mutual experience. She seemed rather amazed when I told her I'd never "sexted" or sent images of myself to a woman ... or that I hadn't "role played" or you name the other strange sort of sexual protocols that, apparently, some folks take part in and that I've only really heard about through books or movies. LOL ... maybe it's just stuff that people who have been married for nearly two decades find themselves seeking out ... I don't know, to "keep things interesting" or whatever ... but still, I've never exchanged racy photos or "role played" ... or a couple other things she mentioned (what the fuck is role playing, anyway?! "You be the cowboy and I'll be the librarian?" Or fucking what!? Seriously, me and my chicks have always just fucked like crazy and never really had to work to keep things interesting but that's another blog post...)

Anyway, I've made it clear to her on a number of occasions that I'd appreciate her refraining from such in the future as she's married and it just sort of creeps me out and I also can't help but put myself in her husband's shoes (being a dude myself and all).

But in the light of the basic subject of this post, I thought it might be beneficial to speak briefly about this weird correspondence.

For the record, she hasn't sent me any more pornographic material ...


Otherwise things are pretty peachy here in Houston, Texas. I've been working daily and also making fairly significant strides in my personal training (running/weight training). I really don't do much else (not counting movies and video games) and this is as it should be.

Oh yeah, my recently created and related daily journal blog is chugging along as you might expect, on quite the daily basis. ;-) ... I've about seven months worth of daily entries now and it's just freaky and boring as hell to go back and read the daily posts.

I always dreamed of living a simple, quiet life and other than the non-verbal haranguing I have to deal with daily and nightly around and the idiots involved in such, other than having to author occasional and repetitive/redundant blog posts like this one, by all accounts and according to the past seven months chronicled in my blog, I have soundly achieved it.

I am proud to say though, that in seven months, I have had at least two or three actual and physical social engagements with persons other than those that I work or live with ... which, though not that important to me, is sort of a relief to see when considering a seven month period of time.

It's intriguing as hell as, in the first significant portion of my social existence this go round and in this life, up until about age 34 (when the shit hit the fan) .. I was HUGELY social, in coffee houses and bars daily, out nightly with friends at shows or their/our respective houses and in fact, some sort of random, physical/social engagement was generally a daily occurrence. I called several people every day just to say, "Hey, what are you doing" and they would call me too. There were always social plans, always something "coming up" ... always a new place to be and people to be around.

And so I find it kind of cool to be so comfortable now, after 13 years of constant physical (and otherwise) assaults on my person ... calm in fact and quite naturally happy really, with just my own company for the most part. And it's downright queer (not unpleasantly so) to note that in nearly 7 months, I've only had perhaps three actual social engagements with persons outside of those I work with or live with (all surfing related). Just queer as fuck, really ... and again, sort of neat. 

And if anything, keeping track of my days over the past seven months has very much allowed me a window into this novel change in my adult life  and it's also a good thing to have on record should the idiots running the investigation try once again to place me somewhere that I was not, or should they attempt to force a claim that I was doing something I did not or even should they attempt to say I made phone calls or sent texts that I never made or sent ... it's just a good thing ... so if your bored and want to read the daily life of a guy who does just about the very same thing, every single day of any given year, then CHECK IT OUT HERE!!.


Anyway, more weird later ...

this post is intended to be supplemental to the facts made public in my main website,; it probably will not make much sense to you if you have not already made yourself aware of the legal and personal efforts discussed in that site. please see for a necessary introduction into why this blog exists. or, if you just like reading weird stuff, then don't. and, enjoy.


Friday, September 6, 2013

Criminality and MP3/Movie downloads

A couple posts back I made a rather forward statement that many of the actions of the investigators and directed towards me have been and are what I would call criminal. And, in most cases, violently criminal. It's funny as that particular post has, in just the few days it's been published, rocketed way past any other post ever published on this blog in regards to page views. Which tells me that that the investigators are not only notoriously egotistical, but they are also, apparently, a bit sensitive.

But regarding that post and my comment of criminality...

To covertly dose a supposed investigation subject with PCP so you can then corral that person in to a living circumstance more conducive to the peculiar desires of the investigators is not only hugely violent but also, violently criminal.

To covertly drug a supposed investigation subject with some sort of "date rape" type drug slipped into his drink at a bar, so that person will behave in a less than lucid or even downright psychotic way in public, specifically so that person can then be corralled into a circumstance more conducive to the peculiar desires of the investigators is not only violent but also, violently criminal.

These sorts of very literal and violent assaults have been perpetrated upon my person on countless occasions, some occasions for which I've gained proof, most of which, I have not.

The extent of my own criminality

As mentioned countless times, the investigators have stretched  this ongoing charade out over a period of going on 13 years now. All the while making public claims that I partake in a laundry list of pretty severe, criminal behaviors, among them being: production of child pornography, viewing of child pornography, stalking underage women, that I'm possibly a molestee in danger of becoming a molester himself, a home invader, a stalker of ex girlfriends with certain indications of possibly becoming violent in the future, a rampant user of pharmaceutical drugs, a known and regular marijuana user, a notorious hacker and lastly, a person prone to severe bouts of memory loss wherein  many of the above listed criminal activities might have taken place.

Really, it's quite outlandish the extent to which supposed "law enforcement" folk have gone in regards to falsely and forcibly defaming my name throughout just about all of my Houston social strata.

But the fact remains, the investigators are in a pickle as none of the above are true and yet they've spent 13 years, very effectively seeding entire communities and social strata with the notion that I am, indeed, partaking in such activities. And short of succeeding in some fictitious, criminal set up of myself (wrongful incrimination) around some or, any really, of the above? The only recourse, if they don't force any of the above circumstances on me, is for them to look really silly in the eyes of the communities that they have worked so hard to brain wash regarding my supposed proclivities.

Of course, the bottom line is that if any of that were true, they could have easily "moved" on me many years ago. I mean, I'd have to be some kind of genius criminal mastermind (think Lex Luthor) to be doing any of the above consistently enough to garner the attention of law enforcement and still not be able to be "brought in on charges" or even, suspicion. It's actually quite ridiculous.

The point here is to state publicly that I lead a rather crime free life as a citizen of Houston, Texas and here in the United States ... other than the very infrequent downloading of free MP3 music and/or the occasional MKV movie.

Occasional MP3 and movie downloading

I've mentioned in several past blog posts that I will occasionally download MP3 music files and/or a movie here and there and without paying for them. This is a rather common practice among internet users, nearly rampantly so, and compared to most of such users ... my activity in and around such things would be seen as minuscule at the very least (ie it happens, at most, infrequently).

I also spend a great deal of money purchasing the same sort of digital media; in many cases, the only reason I eventually purchased such content was the fact that I had first freely previewed it via some online resource or other. In fact, I and many others online consider it a great boon to be able to check out certain music or movies and decide if it's something I like or not and use this as a basis for ultimately purchasing (many artists, including this writer, believe this to be a positive thing too).

It's true, I do this...not frequently but occasionally...once or twice every two months or so...and technically, legally, this could very much be defined as criminal. Violently criminal? No. Life threatening in the criminal way that covertly drugging a citizen with potentially lethal substances can be defined as such? Not even close. I would say MP3 downloading, comparatively speaking, is more akin to jay walking or pulling through the parking lot of a convenience store to get around a particularly traffic clogged intersection and the like (fairly non consequential but still, technically, criminal); while the covert drugging of a sovereign citizen with potentially lethal substances could possibly be defined as attempted murder or willful bodily injury or even attempted manslaughter.

But regarding the fact that I will occasionally download free MP3's or an .MKV encoded movie? I don't have a problem publiclyl admitting that and having said it, I'll continue to enjoy this unique benefit of online activity.

Just get him for *SOMETHING*

But for the investigators, as they grow more and more desperate ... as they become more and more "reactionary" and vindictive, angered at the fact that I'm pretty much just a normal  Joe(l) going about his day to day life under some pretty extensive and ongoing outwardly induced duress, it's certainly not beyond the scope of their insanity to attempt to use such trivial activities against me. I mean, somehow attempt to confront me around such activities as MP3 and/or movie downloading.

I in fact have it on direct communication from certain of the past "numbered informants" to the investigation that I remain in contact with that this is something that is very much on the list of possibilities (or at least compounding matters once some more worrisome and falsely contrived series of circumstances were created by the investigators).

These mentioned contacts, persons who in the past acted as numbered informants to the investigation and who have long since bowed out for reasons of conscience are the very same persons who alerted me a few months back that the investigators wanted to stage a contrived burglary of my home for the sole reason of removing my access to my computers and music equipment.

But suffice it to say, barring some more serious and supposed infraction on my part that would be used to introduce me to conversations around such (MP3 downloading), I can't see how this would transpire as, like I said, the practice is about as common in regards to online activity as is, say, drinking milk on a daily basis.

Six Strikes

Internet service providers, in fact, monitor for such activity and will alert a user as to the illegality of said actions should those actions be detected by the provider.

In fact, there is now a rule in place stating that such service providers will actually warn a user of such infractions up to six times before ever taking any other action such as limiting said user's access to the internet or even contacting law enforcement authorities.

This measure, the Six Strikes Rule, should be indicative enough of how prevalent such online activity is as it's a fairly generous policy if you ask me and personally, I think it's appropriate.

I mean, you don't see any "Six Strikes" policy in regards to physical assaults (like covertly drugging someone) ... and you certainly don't see any "Six Strikes" rules around manslaughter cases or willful bodily injury cases (like using potentially lethal drugs in covert druggings of some person) and thank god for that cause who wants to give violent offenders six free tries to cease their obvious and compulsively harmful actions against their fellow citizen? Not I for certain, not I.

Like I said, I think the six strikes policy is a good one and very much so commensurate to the crime; to go locking up the random internet user, for downloading a record from Pirate Bay would just be insane.

But to warn such a user, up to six times even, is sort of commensurate to the deed (giving the rampant criminal downloader plenty of opportunity to cease and desist, if you ask me).


I've never received any warnings of transgressions. Like I said, my actions regarding the downloading of such media are minuscule at best when compared with most users who partake in such and so I'm sure such use never even raises any flags on the service providers side.

But that's the general scenario ... the service provider is the entity that generally polices such activities as compulsive downloading of copyrighted material and if things get frequent enough, they will either contact the user with up to six warnings (per infraction) and then, barring the fact that the warnings had no effect, might in fact contact law enforcement.

But law enforcement entities themselves?

They just don't make a habit of policing a user's internet usage in regards to such things; they would in fact, need a search warrant of sorts to even do this. And so, if such activities as occasional downloading of copyrighted music or movies ever did arise via communications between myself and law enforcement? Then it would most certainly indicate that they were first, policing my internet usage for far different and I'm sure, quite more nefarious reasons.

And as stated below, if such is the case ... and as I've been attempting to do for 13 years now, I'd very much like to know what those reasons for surveillance are and address them personally if at all possible.

Music and Movies

All of the above said, I am quite proud to reiterate that I am a very frequent purchaser of digital media such as musical records and movies.

I have an extensive DVD collection, hundreds of CDs/records and am a daily user of Netflix, Aereo and Amazon's streaming movie service. Just last month alone, I purchased at least six movies via Amazon streaming (an incredibly affordable and effective resource, BTW). And, every month, I am purchasing more and more hard copy DVD's and musical CD's.

Just check my internet log files!

That was a joke as you really shouldn't have access to my internet log files, I mean, unless you have a warrant, in which case I'd be very interested in finding out and addressing why it was ever issued in the first place ... but I did just remind myself of an upcoming future post here at jbhfile.blogspot...

In the near future, just because I really have nothing to hide regarding internet usage, be it reading CNN, working on my various websites/concerns, reading or or even the occasional MP3 download or Saturday night porn viewing (I'm a big FemJoy fan, BTW super hot erotica) ... I will be finding some way to script a copy of my internet log files to a publicly available folder on the FTP server ... just so anyone and everyone, especially law enforcement, will have an even easier way to surveil til their heart's content.

And besides, that's a bit challenging and I'd find it fun in a technical sense, to make it happen.

Till next time, kiddies.

this post is intended to be supplemental to the facts made public in my main website,; it probably will not make much sense to you if you have not already made yourself aware of the legal and personal efforts discussed in that site. please see for a necessary introduction into why this blog exists. or, if you just like reading weird stuff, then don't. and, enjoy.


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Feels like stealing

More on the writing front...

As I slowly fill content in to my newly created writing blog, I occasionally come across older bits of work written very early on in my awareness of being under investigation (and especially when I was experiencing some of the more violent assaults on my person that were/are related to the ongoing investigation discussed in

This is one particular bit that I just recently dug up, written around 2002 or so, when I had not made much way at all into developing the coping  mechanisms that would ultimately, and over the years, mature into some fairly respectable and necessary internal skills which, in a very literal sense, have saved my life and mind over the years.

I found it interesting to read; looking back on things like the following is both startling and heartening to me as it makes immediately clear where I was and of how far I've come...and that I must continue.

Enjoy, if such a thing is possible...


Feels like stealing
by Joel Harris

To stand here
with the sun on my face,
if but for this second,
to feel good,
momentarily even
(but a second!)
is like running off
with what is not mine,
a snatching by one
not deserving;
to stand here
with the sun on my face
feels like stealing.

And yet I know that I am true.

Through the grossness
of it all, the heaving and
covert paralysis of the thing,
I am true and I have been.

So if any pair of lips
should be afraid, or when lips
refuse the honest line,
when honesty is simple archetype–
a handy shell,
a husk to wrap around a time;
then my friend
you will know what
has set upon you.
You will know that it will be
their turn then
to go and stare
into the calm lake,
to think for some time
on treachery, malevolence and bile–
and for them, to know
the forthright and the forward,
the direct line and
what it shamelessly
and always guarantees.


this post is intended to be supplemental to the facts made public in my main website,; it probably will not make much sense to you if you have not already made yourself aware of the legal and personal efforts discussed in that site. please see for a necessary introduction into why this blog exists. or, if you just like reading weird stuff, then don't. and, enjoy.


Saturday, August 31, 2013


Circumstances around JBHFILE.COM are about the same as I've ever written; which is to say, things remains the same and I still fight every day and I still have as a mission to prove to my family that I have, indeed, been the subject of an investigation over the past 15+ years and that I'm not even slightly mentally ill at all (which is the favorite tactic employed by the investigators...that is, to convince my family and everybody else for that matter, that I'm somehow "nutzo" or schizo for claiming to be a subject of an investigation all these years.

C'mon ya'll. 

You got a problem with a citizen? You've made accusations? Well the least you can do is let that citizen defend his self, right? I mean,  just regarding principle and ideas and "justice?" ... what could be more appropriate?

But I digress as it's not about me actually being anything criminal or nefarious ... it's all politics at this point ... and I happen to know this as fact but there's no way to communicate my knowledge to you (unless your strangely gifted, in which case you already know the truth) and so, again, I digress.

But this post has nothing to do with

Rather, it has to do with writing

Writing ... 

The one thing that has quite literally kept me sane over the past 20 years and that I simply cannot stop doing. 

Even if it had nothing to do with an idea. Even if the letters and the words they formed made no sense at all ... I'd still find myself soothed, calmed ... by the rapid motions of my fingers over a keyboard. It's very strange...

I remember taking a freshman college course in typing and how fascinated I was by "learning the home keys" when first beginning (I had never typed before) ... cause I knew that once I had really learned the home keys, once those keys and the motor reflex motions of my fingers knew those keys as muscle memory and especially, all the surrounding keys, then I'd be on to something.

I didn't know what it was at the time, but I knew it was important; I knew it was something I had to learn...

And so I took that class and I stayed in it until my fingers new the home keys as a thing of muscle memory and until I stopped vocalizing every letter of a word and instead was vocalizing the word itself as I typed ...  and then ... I dropped the class straight away ...

Cause even then, at age 19, I was doing so much writing/typing at home (on an IBM XT, btw) that I knew I'd be a master within months and that the class, itself ... past teaching me the fundamentals ...  was really sort of unnecessary. And so I dropped it. At that time, grades and schooling were a real big deal to me, and so it was not without much trepidation that I dropped the course ... but my logic was sound ... and so I dropped. 

Then ... at home ... I became a master of typing. 

And today, I'm generally tested at about 120 words per minute and with very few errors (unless I have a really bad hangover, in which case the numbers are horribly diminished) 


And so I just wanted to post a bit of word about a little Wordpress blog that I've recently created wherein I will be attempting to post most of the notable (at least to my mind) bits of prose that I've uttered since 1994 or so. There's a whole fucking lot of it and most of it is totally unedited one off's and so it will be slow going getting it all published.

But it's important to me cause all of such writing exists either on aging CD ROMs or other magnetic media (hard drives and the like) and I worry about losing it. The way I figure, WordPress (and Google and what not) have far better back up scenarios that I do here at home and so if I get it all on line ... then it might last longer.

So anyway ... 

Here's a link to my new WordPress writing blog. 

It's really refreshing in a sense as it has nothing at all to do with the comical law enforcement goons, or the Xtian whackos and otherwise who parade around after me like stooges every day here in Houston (really ya'll ... you look super fucking stupid ... both to me and every one else watching who really knows what's going on) ... like I said, why not just come on out of the closet with your purported "claims" regarding my supposed behaviors and let me address them and/or defend myself?  Then we can all get on with our lives (you've taken 13 years out of mine, already) ... (and you'd better have some good reasons) ... but why not end the thing?  The fact that you all are unwilling to do this simply makes you look more criminal. And trust me ... lots of folk are watching ... 

Anyway .. (I almost got vitriolic and ugly there) .. LOL ... my writing blog ... that's what I was writing about ... 

Read it...

this post is intended to be supplemental to the facts made public in my main website,; it probably will not make much sense to you if you have not already made yourself aware of the legal and personal efforts discussed in that site. please see for a necessary introduction into why this blog exists. or, if you just like reading weird stuff, then don't. and, enjoy.


Friday, May 10, 2013

In case you were wondering...

what Joel does every day? Well he's here to tell you that if your so without a life that you find yourself actually reading this blog (or otherwise surveilling me?), then heres yet another, more mundane, more granular outlet available to you regarding all-things-Joel and all things

It's the little bit at the end of my last lengthy blog post here that I briefly discussed, the bit near the end about beginning a daily and public accounting of the main highlights of any given day of my living, a daily journal if you will.

The point of this daily accounting is to simply have on record what I do, where I go, how I spend my time ... to demonstrate the things that are most important to me on a weekly basis; and, depending on your own personal circumstance and history, this might seem a bit odd since all this is on blogspot and is public ... but considering the fact that the persons behind the ongoing investigation of myself (which is more so a plain attempt to remove me from my current and long standing living arrangement and work and preferred lifestyle and into one that more suits the whims/desires of the investigators.)  

And since the primary means of achieving this, on the part of the investigators, has been very real attempts to wrongfully incriminate me and thereby force me into some sort of legal process which would bind me to a certain and unavoidable course through the legal system? That considered? I felt it beneficial (and admittedly, sort of fun) to create another blog, wholly dedicated to simply chronicling my ongoing days.

Regarding this new journal/blog, I've decided to call it "," as it fits well with the other site names and it somewhat accurately describes the published content (ie / my days and how I spend them).

As opposed to adding it to this existing and long standing (oft times long winded) blog, I decided to simply create a new blog with it's own blogspot domain and all as the postings come daily and are really just plain-speak overviews of what I did, where I went, who I saw ... etc. ... for every given day of my living.

So this is a simple little "jbhPSA" regarding the creation of that above discussed bit of daily accounting ... and hey,  it's not always drudgery, some times I'll even snap a glamour shot (like the one of me in the mud and rain a few weeks back) and include it in the days entry so as to better punctuate the boredom with something visual.

And hey, pictures, daily accounting's  facebook posts, whatever ... anything and everything is helpful when at any given turn one might find himself having to explain his whereabouts, demeanors or daily inclinations.

So far? I've rather enjoyed reading the entries to date (just a month and a half or so). I had no idea I worked out and ran so much. Shit man, this fitness shit could end up being an issue that I might have to work on in therapy for fuck sake.

And also, since I purportedly am afflicted by some sort of strange and possibly neurologically based propensity to memory impairment? I mean, this according to the proverbial, "They(tm)." I'm also very relieved to see no entries that include activities such as home invasions, stalking of ex girlfriends, the doing of drugs or soliciting of prostitutes, hacking websites, stealing money from family members, driving around with various forms of contraband in the trunk of my car or otherwise anything sinister or that might cause me concern/trouble later in life.

No ... (so far anyway) ... nothing worrisome present... just a lot of work, a whole shit ton of physical training, some ale on various Saturdays and the occasional movie, sitcom or video game in the later hours of any given day.

Check it, yo:

this post is intended to be supplemental to the facts made public in my main website,; it probably will not make much sense to you if you have not already made yourself aware of the legal and personal efforts discussed in that site. please see for a necessary introduction into why this blog exists. or, if you just like reading weird stuff, then don't. and, enjoy.


Thursday, April 18, 2013

I lead a charmed life...

Yes. It's true. One can still find humor and fun in pretty much the most inhospitable work environment ever imagined. And so I did. 04/18/13 ... at Seaboard Marine-Jacinto Port ... on the Houston Ship Channel ... $15 dollars an hour in all it's goddamn sweaty glory!! Shit man,... I didn't know my cel phone could take such good photos. Fucking freakish ... (well, I admit, Photoshop was involved, but just Levels/Resizing/Sharpening) ... 

04/18/13 ... at Seaboard Marine-Jacinto Port ... on the Houston Ship Channel ... making the big bucks!! Goddamn, didn't know my cel phone could take such good photos. Freaky...

this post is intended to be supplemental to the facts made public in my main website,; it probably will not make much sense to you if you have not already made yourself aware of the legal and personal efforts discussed in that site. please see for a necessary introduction into why this blog exists. or, if you just like reading weird stuff, then don't. and, enjoy.


Thursday, April 11, 2013

My Bedroom is a Target! (well, maybe, we'll see...)

As is my typical and historical wont, I make it a habit to jot down thoughts here regarding anything that occurs locally and in regards to my daily life that I might even *think* as a stretch, may possibly be associated with my circumstances described in And especially if involving mere hunches or even direct communications I have or receive which could or may involve outright harm to my person or property.

This will be one such such public utterance which, though not necessarily being preventative regarding some of my concerns related to myself and my property, will still give me the opportunity to say, "I told you so!" if indeed some event plays out as I'm about to describe. And, it will also seem quite coincidental if it actually occurs since I'm writing about it now and it hasn't happened in the sum total of 18 years that my roommates (and I for the past 8) have lived here (more on that idea, below).

And always keep in mind with this blog, though often times what I write comes on the heels of very direct communication with certain confidants of mine who have, over the years, kept me informed of certain possible actions against myself, this is not one such. More so, it's simple arithmetic on my part, simply the connecting of figurative and possible dots, if you will. Though in truth, I've authored a couple posts in the past related to the sort of subject matter I will discuss here, which, in at least one case, were/was based on actual communication with certain of my long standing confidants.

Hit him where it hurts the most

I've written in the past that one of the tactics the investigators have wanted to use against me, simply to cause duress/trauma in my life, is theft of personal property that could be said to be my most valued possessions...or at least the items that mean the most to me in a personal, artistic and recreational regard: a hand built, custom computer workstation (and monitor) which cost me some five thousand dollars to personally and painstakingly build and with which I craft my many home brew videos and music productions that I've authored over the years; as well, my room is full of thousands of dollars worth of high end headphone listening equipment, amplifiers, DACS (digital to analogue converters), Grado headphones, etc. And as I've written in the past, these few personal items I have toiled, literally for years to obtain, and which would also quite literally be irreplaceable if lost, have been a simple, “Lets hit him where it hurts,” sort of item others have desired to divest me of. All this simply to cause personal duress, personal grief over much loved items being compromised.

Again, here just think typical "The Artof War" type movements, wherein any and all actions against an enemy that might cause emotional or physical trauma, anything that could be called extremely demoralizing, is beneficial in an offensive regard and in so far as beating that opponent down. And just as an afterthought and regarding that text (The Art of War)? It contains some highly profound and simple bits of tactic; I highly recommend reading it.

Here is why I bring this old topic back up...

So today I arrive at work to find that my father and brother's home (my brother lives with him) was burglarized while we were at work yesterday (Wednesday 04/11/13). This was immediately odd to me (and to them) due to the fact that the burglars only took two media devices, a large flat screen TV in the living room and another large flat screen TV in my brothers room. The odd part is that, during this entire invasion, the burglars left the 10 or so shotguns and rifles that these two like to keep laying about, completely unmolested. These guns are out in the open, laying on the floor in the spare bedroom, leaning in the corners of their own rooms, shotguns and a variety of rifles in absolute plain view. Further, my brothers wallet, on the same bureau where his stolen TV was sitting, full of his money and credit cards, was left unmolested.

Considering the fact that my father and brothers home has no burglar alarm installed and that the neighbors reported no knowledge of seeing anything amiss at the home, it's completely unbelievable that said burglars, obviously having plenty of time to see to their business, would leave all of such items untouched (especially the wallet).

So how does this throw my internal switches?

In the past, any time I have been informed of some possible action against my person, there has always been some event close to my family of similar nature, which I assume was to plant the idea in their minds that “such things can happen anywhere and to anyone!” You know, on the chance I argue foul play, then some seed of normalcy, if you will, will have already been planted in the minds of those close to me (this is somewhat of a classic tactic of the investigators over the years, softening the minds of any few close support persons I might have, especially family, so that any ramblings of mine might be interpreted as “just being crazy”).

For instance, in the past year or two, in the weeks before I received word that the investigators and their goons were conspiring to dose me into a publicly damning behavioral display and then argue that it was due to fitness supplements combined with heat stroke, etc. (see the link) … my sister had just weeks earlier explained to me how one of her close bar tending friends had been recently hospitalized due to a brain malfunction/aneurysm supposedly brought on by his use of, you guessed it, fitness supplements. I heard this from my sister just a couple weeks before certain confidants of mine informed me of the ploy that was to be played out against me, also involving the supposed influence of fitness supplements on my brain. This of course positively reeked of this need to sew in the minds of those close to me that such a thing “happens all the time!” … and that any attempt to argue foul play on my part would be met with the expected response of, “well shoot, Joel! It just happened to a friend of mine,” … or, in regards to theft of my property? “Hey, the same thing just happened to us!” ...

It really is a pretty simple and psychological/social bit of manipulation that could actually be effective if playing out along the sort of lines I just described.

And the fact that just two relatively inexpensive items were stolen from my father's home, two items quite easily replaced by a person of his income and savings, only makes me more leery of this possibly being just such an attempt to “plant seeds in the minds of the surrounding populace,” or otherwise cast similar actions against myself in a light less likely to be seen as an actual attempt to strike out against me, specifically. I mean, especially if considering the known fact (at least by me and a few others who can't be named publicly) that many of his long standing law enforcement friends could be behind such motions as they, of course, and even though having a hellbent desire to completely demoralize me, would nonetheless not be too interested in causing him any real and lasting hurt from the personal invasion. And were my own personal media devices stolen in some feigned natural event in the next few months or even more? It would most certainly be a “real and lasting hurt,” as I simply would not be able to replace them.

My personal gear

It should first be said that my housemates have rented this three bedroom home for going on 18 years; further, I myself have resided here with them for over 8 of those years. And, in all of those combined 18 years? Not once has the home been burglarized.

So on the chance some action targeting my own personal property and equipment (or theirs) should occur in the near future? I think it would seem quite coincidental that I should have written this tract just months or even a year or more before, considering the past near two decades being completely bereft of such events. Hell, it would almost be Nostradamus like if you ask me, whether others would see it that way or not (which, they most likely wouldn't but still...). Yes, even here, that was a lame attempt at humor.

Samsung 850D / PLS "quad hd" 27" monitor and also a Ray Sam "Raptor" valve amp
and a MHDT Labs "Stockholm" valve DAC (in the upper right, blue blinds
hanging over the very vulnerable window looking out over our back yard.

But, the gear I discuss, that I'm now concerned might be the target of some operation in the next month, two months, three months or more? That I'm admittedly, a bit paranoid about getting robbed?

Such gear is terribly important to me and such gear, furthermore, has been awfully hard won, requiring more than a several years, in total, to raise the money towards acquiring.

All of the following resides in my bedroom (which is really like my own little home). It should also be said that though we have a decent home security system, my room has no motion sensors in it (those are in the main living areas of the home) and also, my room has a large, highly vulnerable window facing out to our backyard fence (a window made even more vulnerable due to the fact that I have a window AC unit installed).

For the record, on the back of these recent concerns, we are having a motion sensor installed in my room and we are also taking out quality renters insurance... but more on that below.

View of computer internals showing dual GTX 670 video cards, 16gig
of Mushkin RAM, various installed storage drives, cooling gear and the like.

The computer system is the main item I am concerned about: I use it for editing video, viewing Netflix, watching blu rays, writing, publishing to my various online concerns, gaming and such; it is a machine I personally built from scratch, having bought every single component separately and constructing, testing and troubleshooting the entire thing myself. It is not an inexpensive machine. In total, considering the various cooling apparatus' (necessary because I overclock it), the two very expensive video cards (for use in a “SLI” configuration for gaming performance) the CPU and especially the four or more hard drives I have installed, the machine cost me approximately $5000.00 to build. Furthermore, in regards to the most important use of this machine (video/audio editing and gaming), I should not have to upgrade for at least three more years from the date of this writing.

I've been a computer geek since my teen years and can say it's the most bad ass thing I've ever built; it would be crushing to lose it.

Ray Samuels "Raptor" valve amplifier, Grado GS1000 headphones and
a MHDT Labs Valve DAC

Further, my most vulnerable of personal spaces contains on the order of $4000.00 worth of high end, headphone listening equipment, including certain headphones which cost upwards of $1000.00 as a single item. Again, as with my beloved computer system, it would be devastating to have these items yanked out my back window or otherwise, some time in the next few months. And, as with the computer, and perhaps even more so, these items, in sum, have taken me more than a few years to obtain.

Humble means

I do not make a great deal of money, grossing perhaps about $35,000 a year total...and considering my other financial obligations, $10,000 worth of personal equipment would be near impossible to replace, short of the process taking a good half decade or otherwise having to borrow the money, which I simply would not do.

Further, these are, literally, the only items I personally own and which I can say would be hard to replace. 

Everything else in my possession combined, wouldn't even come close to equaling the dollar value of this gear. My car? It is valued at far less than the equipment in my home and were it stolen? My company would no doubt take care of assisting me with the replacement as it's essential towards my being able to work. And otherwise, I'm not a home owner, have no savings (short of maybe a thousand bucks, at most, in the bank on a month to month basis), no investments, no stocks, etc. I have nothing but the equipment in my room; and, expecting to lead a fairly quiet future life, not expecting or desiring to really do more than write (novels, commentary, short stories, etc.) and expecting to continue my interests in audio and video editing/capture? The equipment in my room, granted, in so far as “worldly possessions” are concerned, could be said to be about all that I've got. And, it would be a terrible affront to have them violated as I now have become concerned might be the case.

So despite how this particular public declaration of concern might sound? I feel compelled to express it. No matter what any person outside of myself might think of the writing? I still feel compelled to write it. Again, as mentioned, if only for the very real likelihood that such an event (the theft of my property) might seem incredibly coincidental in light of this publication and especially considering that my housemates and I have 18+ years behind us in this home with no such event ever occurring; again, this particular blog post would almost seem Nostradamus-like in it's accuracy and timing. Who knows? Perhaps if said equipment is lost, I can simply spend the rest of my days as a quiet and reclusive prophet of sorts? (oh, the humor) ... 

Further, I have written in the past that it has been a well known desire of those behind the so called “investigation” of myself (which I have always referred to as more of an “assault” on myself) to use such blatant and targeted theft of the very few things I own in this life and which are therefore of paramount personal value to me as a means of, quite literally, turning the emotional screws, of causing simple and extreme emotional duress. You can read about such past postings HERE … and also, HERE. And considering these person's have in the past nearly caused my death with violent PCP overdoses (covertly administered, read about it here) and have seemingly taken great joy in very effectively ostracizing me from my career and every traditional and long standing social support mechanism I had developed here in the city up until around 1999? To simply smash a window and take a guys prized possessions would be a mere drop in the bucket of the offenses committed by the so called "investigators" thus far...

What I'm going to do going forward

In light of these concerns, I've already discussed with my roommate (the lease holder) about installing an additional motion sensor in my personal room (since it's easily accessed from outside currently and in a way that would not trip any of our existing three sensors elsewhere in the home). This will be happening in the next week or two; such is already in motion.

Further, we are going to be taking out renters insurance in the next few weeks so that any loss might, at least in part, be covered and so that some semblance of recompense might occur (considering deductibles and the like, this is generally about 50% of the loss but in so far as I'm concerned, any thing would help); this as well, is already in process.

So short of this being a personal public statement? It at least shows that such concerns are simply real and worth considering to the others I live with and that we have some what of a collaborative take on the solving of these sorts of issues. I certainly did not discuss with them that my concerns are investigation related (though they are aware of my near decades long effort/fight and for all I know, might be regular readers of my blog) … but they do agree, in light of the strange events at my father's residence, that it is something we should be better prepared for.

Oh yeah … Lastly ... my car

Lots going on of late and I'll be posting a couple more articles this month that also have to do with the compromising of personal spaces (namely my car); it involves my personal vehicle and how it was in the possession of certain social circles that are, at least by proxy, associated with known informants to the investigation over the years. And, how this could have resulted in any number of “modifications” to said vehicle being made and, more likely, the simple copying of keys to make later access to said vehicle a simple affair (for any number of reasons, theft, planting of contraband, etc.). But that's another somewhat lengthy bit and I'll save the details for an entire post in and of itself...

And just for the record and somewhat associated with all of the above?

I've since decided (and vocally around those circles) to sell that same car and invest in something a bit more secure and, just because I want to upgrade, a bit larger and more capable in regards to things I like to do, like surfing and driving through deep sand and carrying boards and the like (all of which my little Sentra that was “with the enemy” a bit back, just isn't too fit for in truth); I'm considering a Subaru Outback cause I think their sexy as all get out in their pure functional design.

This vehicle upgrade will of course require me to save a bit of money over the next six months, as well a sell my current car and if “the enemy” really did make some modifications to my Sentra? If they really did copy keys in hopes of using such to gain access to my vehicle over the next few months or longer? Then diverting my attention (and possibly my income) with a home invasion involving, admittedly, personal items I'm far more fond of than my ugly little car … could be a perceived (and simple) idea on the part of “the enemy” to prevent me from getting rid of said vehicle; though, I'll get rid of it regardless of any theft of my personal property as replacing the vehicle is, by far, the more important concern.

But that's just a gross hunch/thought, not necessarily attached to any real circumstance and in that spirit, I'll be discussing it further in a coming blog post.

In the meantime...

Try to have fun.


this post is intended to be supplemental to the facts made public in my main website,; it probably will not make much sense to you if you have not already made yourself aware of the legal and personal efforts discussed in that site. please see for a necessary introduction into why this blog exists. or, if you just like reading weird stuff, then don't. and, enjoy.


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