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Facebook, Females and Phone Numbers

I've been a member of Facebook for a few years now. 

It's fun to play around on and sort of stupid/inane at the same time ... but still a fun place to emote, be nonsensical and also, very much, try to offend folks (I love pissing off the Xtian people by posting all sorts of offensive and super blasphemous stuff about jesus; they are such an insecure lot as special interest groups go that I just can' help but fuck with them). 

Many of my family friends are currently active on that social site, also other folks who I don't really know in "real life" but who, nonetheless, have made themselves known to me via my existing relationships with other family members and traditional, long term friends.

(and BTW .. since a large part of my involvement with Facebook and other social media sites is to further propagate information regarding and the circumstances therein, a large part of my Facebook page is kept public. Photos, notes, etc. are all public. So if your curious about the freak who authors this blog and related information in general, then feel free to visit my stupid ass Facebook page: Joel's page on Facebook )

This post is sort of pre emptory as it's been known to me for some time, and against all logic or past indications of the same, that the whackos running the investigation against me have pined longingly over the years to some how cast me in a light that seems to indicate aberrations of behavior in regards to my relationships (real or imagined) with women.

Think classic and inane psychological profiles: an obsessive stalker, repressed sexually and prone to act out inappropriately towards objects of affection, showing uninvited and/or unwanted instances of attraction towards females who are obviously not appropriate (married women, much younger women, etc.). And always, these sorts of supposed aberrations of behavior would meet some pre requisite that also would need to cast me in a light that could be called exceptionally worrisome or potentially "escalating."

It's really the most basic of TV sitcom psych-thriller tripe that the idiots running the investigation have attempted to align me with and I've written about such many times over the years, but of late, recent rumblings have prompted me to revisit.

Here's my Address and Social (and phone number)

The following isn't the real point of this brief post but it is a good introduction to why this post is necessary...

A long time ago, at my day job, where I have it on countless and dependable authorities that friends of my father (many in law enforcement) have acted as ongoing and persistent informants/operatives in the investigation against me, ... a certain very attractive young hispanic lady either feigned or had an actual phone conversation wherein she quite loudly proclaimed her physical address, phone number and social security number (you can read about this long past incident, here). 

At that time, it raised my eye brows because of the previous mentioned points above, the truly psychotic wishlist of the investigators to force me in to some criminal slot of being potentially dangerous towards women (which is pretty hilarious considering my somewhat lengthy and really awesome past history of relationships over the past 30+ years) ... but also, because the time and place that the young woman so loudly voiced these facts was just completely unusual: in a security guard office, with she and I the only persons inside, and me sitting only a few feet from her. 

It just didn't add up and knowing what I know about the simpletons running the investigation and especially their simple goals involving myself ... I decided to write about it.

Facebook and Phone Numbers

And so ... similarly but not nearly as dramatic, another such instance has occurred recently and specifically in regards to my activity on Facebook...

I'll be brief because one, this entire post is simply based on personal internal musings and not so much anything I know factually and two, because it's old and tired subject matter and it bores me to write about it (although, it's nonetheless important to do so).

A certain friend of my sisters, on Facebook ... who happens to also be an extremely attractive hispanic female, who I only know via Facebook (and my sister's real world relationship with her), recently ... and strangely, publicly listed her phone number on Facebook. 

I found this strange, immediately ... not so much due to or myself .. but simply because really hot, 20 something female models (she's a model, btw) simply aren't in the habit of publicizing their phone numbers or otherwise personal information on public social forums ... I mean, unless they are just stupid as fuck and this young woman, I assure you is not stupid in the least.

Actually, she seems to be a rather intelligent chick. 

Like I said, she's what most guys would consider painfully gorgeous, a model (think erotica/pin up) and also, she happens to be a pretty good friend of my sister. My sister, as well, has acted in a professional regard as this woman's make up artist and hair stylist, being involved in more than a few professional shoots and also, casually over the years.

Personally, I would very much like to link to some of their jointly produced work here in this blog post because it's really nice work and as young women, I am really proud of what both of them have managed to accomplish in that profession (modeling/photography/makeup/hair/etc.) but I certainly won't link to such as I'd rather not directly involve their efforts with my circumstances around and I as well do not like referencing persons by name here or on as it's simply proper public etiquette to not do so.

That said, recently this chick who I don't really know just randomly posted her phone number to Facebook with something to the effect of "feel free to text me," or the like. Which, to my mind and especially knowing what I know of the investigators ... throws a few internal checks...

And really, just to avoid regurgitating old ideas ... it's the same as it's ever been...

Cel phones are easily manipulated. Any number of methods could be used to send ellicit and/or inappropriate texts or even images to this young woman's phone and at the same time link it to my own personal number. Crazy sounding but true and it's easily done using wireless technology.

Although I'm not in the habit of sending questionable (or any) content to women of any age, it's nonetheless important to state these things here and publicly on the very slim chance that said information (this woman's phone number) might some day be used against me.

Further, and although I don't send pictures of myself to other persons ... I have, on many occasions used my cel phone to take images of myself. I am, after all, about two years in to a rather intense physical training regimen and taking bathroom shots is occasionally par for the course in regards to noting monthly progress and the like. I've done this and will do this going forward. And this is stated as those photos could easily be intercepted by others (I've emailed them to myself for purposes of editing in photoshop) via various methods ... and too, about a year ago, a cel phone of mine was stolen and some of such regular content could have existed on that particular phone.

It's a shame that I must go through an otherwise normal social landscape, having to consider these foul possibilities, but in the end, it is very true that I must.

Regarding phones and texts (and images) 

I've actually only used a cel phone for the past few years or so. Prior to the past few years, I felt the circumstances around to be far to volatile and un predictable to even own a phone. But, over the past few years I've felt comfortable enough to own one and have even come to enjoy using it (a Samsung Note) as the alarm clock app is fucking awesome and it works great as a mobile hot spot. Otherwise, and just frankly, I hardly speak on it or text on it at all (other than for work). As an illustration, I have a 500 minute a month voice plan and typically use only about 15 minutes of that or less every month. Fucking funny; my rollover minutes are way up in the thousands upon thousands.

And I certainly don't have any regular conversations with chicks ... another unfortunate by product of being the subject of a politically driven smear campaign but one which I'm not too bothered by because hey, I've certainly had more than my share of fun over the years and prior to all this idiot-driven haranguing; and, as mentioned in the past, sex just isn't a priority ... (and there's always Femjoy, should I feel the need for such plain, gratuitous, enjoyments and I'm perfectly capable of delivering them myself).

So to the woman who is mentioned in this past post, if you happen to ever read this ... sorry to have to discuss you in this light. I know I didn't mention a name but should you read this, I hope you understand that though strange seeming, in my situation, such public musings are highly important. Otherwise? Keep making killer stuff...your awesome!

And just speaking of phones and "sexting" 

Of late I've personally been the recipient of certain phone transmissions sent from women and to myself, that could be said to be VERY sexually explicit (and honestly, a little creepy in so far as my own standards are concerned, although most other guys would find it rather welcome and have actually told me they can't believe I haven't "gotten with that!" already, etc.).

The particular texts/images that were sent to me were not invited by myself ... but were just sent randomly as the woman in particular, an old friend of mine who has always been fond of me, is vocally unhappy in her marriage and has been making quite obvious advances on me as (I suppose) a possible suitor, once her divorce is done.

This particular woman has actually sent me rather pornographic content ... videos and photos depicting herself in all manner of sexual activity from straight up dildo masturbation videos to a variety of random and sexually explicit photos of herself. As mentioned, I'm a bit repelled by this in regards to actually considering a relationship with such a person ... although, just plainly speaking and sexually, it's certainly not lost on me. But in so far as considering a real relationship (which I'm generally and most historically interested in)? Not so much...

Of course, I have never returned such sexually explicit shots of myself...though she's hinted at that...but even in my more drunken moments of revelry on the weekends, when our exchanges have generally taken place, I still was not inclined to even ponder such (creep city!). 

I was really taken aback by all of it (the photos/videos, etc.) that she sent; and I suppose I might just be a tad naive regarding such things and that it might simply be a rather common occurrence among folks our age and of our mutual experience. She seemed rather amazed when I told her I'd never "sexted" or sent images of myself to a woman ... or that I hadn't "role played" or you name the other strange sort of sexual protocols that, apparently, some folks take part in and that I've only really heard about through books or movies. LOL ... maybe it's just stuff that people who have been married for nearly two decades find themselves seeking out ... I don't know, to "keep things interesting" or whatever ... but still, I've never exchanged racy photos or "role played" ... or a couple other things she mentioned (what the fuck is role playing, anyway?! "You be the cowboy and I'll be the librarian?" Or fucking what!? Seriously, me and my chicks have always just fucked like crazy and never really had to work to keep things interesting but that's another blog post...)

Anyway, I've made it clear to her on a number of occasions that I'd appreciate her refraining from such in the future as she's married and it just sort of creeps me out and I also can't help but put myself in her husband's shoes (being a dude myself and all).

But in the light of the basic subject of this post, I thought it might be beneficial to speak briefly about this weird correspondence.

For the record, she hasn't sent me any more pornographic material ...


Otherwise things are pretty peachy here in Houston, Texas. I've been working daily and also making fairly significant strides in my personal training (running/weight training). I really don't do much else (not counting movies and video games) and this is as it should be.

Oh yeah, my recently created and related daily journal blog is chugging along as you might expect, on quite the daily basis. ;-) ... I've about seven months worth of daily entries now and it's just freaky and boring as hell to go back and read the daily posts.

I always dreamed of living a simple, quiet life and other than the non-verbal haranguing I have to deal with daily and nightly around and the idiots involved in such, other than having to author occasional and repetitive/redundant blog posts like this one, by all accounts and according to the past seven months chronicled in my blog, I have soundly achieved it.

I am proud to say though, that in seven months, I have had at least two or three actual and physical social engagements with persons other than those that I work or live with ... which, though not that important to me, is sort of a relief to see when considering a seven month period of time.

It's intriguing as hell as, in the first significant portion of my social existence this go round and in this life, up until about age 34 (when the shit hit the fan) .. I was HUGELY social, in coffee houses and bars daily, out nightly with friends at shows or their/our respective houses and in fact, some sort of random, physical/social engagement was generally a daily occurrence. I called several people every day just to say, "Hey, what are you doing" and they would call me too. There were always social plans, always something "coming up" ... always a new place to be and people to be around.

And so I find it kind of cool to be so comfortable now, after 13 years of constant physical (and otherwise) assaults on my person ... calm in fact and quite naturally happy really, with just my own company for the most part. And it's downright queer (not unpleasantly so) to note that in nearly 7 months, I've only had perhaps three actual social engagements with persons outside of those I work with or live with (all surfing related). Just queer as fuck, really ... and again, sort of neat. 

And if anything, keeping track of my days over the past seven months has very much allowed me a window into this novel change in my adult life  and it's also a good thing to have on record should the idiots running the investigation try once again to place me somewhere that I was not, or should they attempt to force a claim that I was doing something I did not or even should they attempt to say I made phone calls or sent texts that I never made or sent ... it's just a good thing ... so if your bored and want to read the daily life of a guy who does just about the very same thing, every single day of any given year, then CHECK IT OUT HERE!!.


Anyway, more weird later ...

this post is intended to be supplemental to the facts made public in my main website,; it probably will not make much sense to you if you have not already made yourself aware of the legal and personal efforts discussed in that site. please see for a necessary introduction into why this blog exists. or, if you just like reading weird stuff, then don't. and, enjoy.


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