Sunday, March 3, 2013

Simple people will believe things simply

Pretty much the only place I get fucked with regarding the ongoing idiocy made public at is at my family business, daily work.

This is mostly because I really don't do anything else: I hardly ever go out to bars or "out," or otherwise; I get up around 4am and work out at the gym two days a week; I run another 3 days a week on my lunch breaks from said above mentioned job and I go straight home after work and either play Skyrim for an hour or two (mad fun) or watch a movie or some TV show on Netflix (I'm a huge fan of the sitcom "Medium," by the way cause I have a crush on Patricia Arquette and fancy myself occasionally psychic as well ... and plus, it's pretty damn good TV.

But I just don't do much; my life over the past 13 years and the circumstances around the ongoing actions against me have required this of me and for the record, I kind of dig it as, I've always, even since childhood, been a recluse of sorts...vastly preferring my own company (writing, reading, building things, making music, listening to valve amps) over most regular and so called "normal" social circumstances, and/or the company of others.

The Day Job(tm)

But anyway, work is where most of the local goon squad from the areas Sheriff department and occasionally Police department, have been staking out their little operations against me; these operations operating, supposedly, under the notion that I take part in a laundry list of purported criminal activities ranging from pedophilia, trafficking in controlled substances, hacking computers, stealing my fathers bank account information to sign up for online porn services and other supposed major and fraudulent purchases, stalking underage women, thieving folks property from cars we work on and even ATM stings have occurred, of the sort where a person just before me leaves their account open (think "Would you like to make another transaction" type stuff). Follow those links if you want to read the sundry details...

And just regarding that area of Houston that my father's company resides in...East Houston? The "industrial district," which is comprised mostly of vast chemical refinery installations, shipping and port facilities, steel mills, machine shops and a whole fuck of a lot of BBQ joints?

I'm  not a part of that community, I mean that area of Houston...short of working at my father's company; it is not a traditional haunt of mine. I did not grow up there, go to school there or otherwise have any relations with people there growing up.

But it is, historically, that area where the most ugly and violent actions against me have occurred (druggings and planted evidence and these sorts of things) and where the vast majority of any ongoing actions against my person (to this end) are still, occasionally played out.

This all began back in early 2000 when I had a very real nervous breakdown surrounding these events and when I actually had to live with my father for a year or so simply to make it through life at that time; this is when the "good old boy" networks, comprised of community watch groups and local Sherrif/law enforcement goons began planning the myriad of varied and somewhat violent set-up attempts that have occurred and that may still occur.

My suspicion as to why this area (East Houston) has become the literal hub of most of the actions against me is that in order to actually remove me from my current home, in order to slot me in to some court mandated process taking months or even years to see too, would be to turn a significant family member against me in a legally binding way, someone whom, should I fall under some supposed duress, would be looked to in a decision making regard and to "get the proverbial ball rolling," as they say; traditionally, this has been my father who, of course knows nothing about the investigation against me but who could be coerced in a legal regard to become a decision maker for me should any number of heinous acts against me play out.

Divide and conquer

And regarding my father not being aware of the investigation? Even though just about every one of his very close personal friends in law enforcement are or have been involved (from the Constables office, to the Sheriff's office, to the Police Dept. and even, early on, a certain person in the Federal Secret Service)?

It's fairly easy to understand why he hasn't ever been approached: because to do so would immediately and neatly destroy the very real idea that has been constructed in his mind that I am paranoid schizophrenic, a mental case and in need of medication, treatment, possible committal...simply because I have claimed, over the years, that I've been a person of interest in an investigation.

This notion of my being somehow mentally ill, schizophrenic or otherwise, has been a central and primary thread to the organizers of the investigation ever since I first became aware of things being amiss, some time back in 1999 and solely for the ongoing purposes of discrediting my efforts.

Crazy, unstable, cuckoo ... that I'm just imagining all this wild stuff I write so much about and that has generated so much very real and well documented legal work and effort between myself, the FBI and the US Department of Justice:

Me, the guy who ran a computer hacking bulletin board service for more than a few years, with several personal friends/members who ended up on the Houston newspaper front page, face down in the grass, busted for attempting to counterfeit Treasury Notes (1990 or so), the guy who had to go to court and fight the FDIC to retain my rights to work at the largest bank on the planet and, the guy who, for the past 8 years, has worked closely and who shares a home with, members of one of the largest and most well organized political intelligence organizations on the planet ... called crazy for claiming (and not desisting in said claims) that I'm the subject of not only a so called investigation, but also the target of a very violent and ongoing harassment operation that's not only ruined my career, my (former) social strata, defamed my name and reputation and that has, on occasion, nearly killed me via drug overdoses (PCP, btw) over the years; yeah...right, that sounds really outlandish and far fetched, huh?

Not really...

As I've said in the past ... just because a person claims that events are happening in his/her life that he or she cannot prove to others in some concrete and verifiable way are actually happening, does not give anyone the right or reason to call that person mentally ill, crazy, schizophrenic or otherwise. It's an unbeatable proof, that. Just try me....

The incredibly unbounded, so called "science" that is modern day psychiatry is exceptionally impressive if for no other reason than it's knack for incorporating any circumstance, whether real or imagined, within it's figurative arms as the manifestations of some horrible and mysterious aberration of the brain. Hey, backed by 25 years of statistical data, after all, who could argue with that? It's one of the greatest "sleight of hand" tricks ever pulled on popular society, these stooges and their so called "science" ...

But this is going over very old ground and so I digress...

As I've written, a good while ago I drafted legally binding Power of Attorney documents removing any rights from my parents to make decisions for me in a time of personal duress; however, this was some time ago and I believe such documents must be revisited/redrafted on occasion, but I'm not sure. Anyway, I'm  not interested in getting all legal and shit again as it's troubling and stressful and I prefer to simply write as I know I have a bit of an audience at this point and writing is indeed a powerful tool when operating from a basis of truth.

But the fact remains, the idea in the minds of the "investigators" would be to somehow manipulate/place decision making power into another person's hands regarding my future because, of course, were I to make decisions for myself? Were some criminal set up/incrimination play actually succeed? I would just do the time instead of go along with any far flung psycho therapeutic trickery (which is the end all goal, trust me, cause despite what the local East Houston goons think, the real players have nothing at all to do with East Houston and much more to do with Inner Loop Houston...big fucking :-) right there. Never mind the East end pawns that actually do the dirty work, the real originators of the motions against me? The one's who set it in play some 14 or more years ago? They could care less about any given set up attempt against me or how it plays out or who makes it happen ... just so long as it ultimately gets them their journal article or notoriety or whatever other ego-driven boner they have popped regarding me and my person and how I can benefit them.

But my Father's place...

It's a family business; it has it's benefits and I do not take these for granted and am grateful for such: I drive what could basically be called a company car (I didn't have to pay for it); my fuel is predominately 100% payed for; I can get loans whenever I need them (I think I owe him/the company a total of about $2000.00 dollars currently, which, pretty much being the sum total of my Debt in Life(tm), isn't too shabby for a 45 year old male; I've never once payed for a set of new tires for any of my vehicles. I similarly, have never payed for oil or oil filters. These sorts of things, which viewed in retrospect and over the years (whether I was working there or not) add up to some fairly valuable perks.

But it's true that should any given assault upon my persons play out, the first thing that will likely happen (in the interest of removing me from my current living conditions) is some contrived set of events to make me appear as though I've somehow defrauded the company or otherwise, something to so create worry/concern in my father's mind that when it came down to a Judge saying, "Mr. Harris, these things are worrisome but we'd vastly prefer Joel follow some other path than the typical jail time and because the other concerns that arose when we searched his premises are even more psychologically bothersome and because it's safe to say that Joel cannot reason/make decisions for himself, we first wanted to council with you on the possibility of signing this declaration of incompetency so that we can get him the help he so obviously needs." 

Fucking believe it. Even though I'm sane, generally happy in life, take excellent physical care of myself and am civil, conversant and visibly intelligent in a daily social sense...the above illustrated sort of thing really is the desired end-game scenario in the minds of the whackos from whence all this shite arises. So of course, some sort of worrisome theft from the company (or even customers, could possibly come in to play as a possible springboard into the above).

But regarding supposed fraud?

It just hasn't happened.

It is true, however that I will occasionally use the company Amex for Walmart shopping runs (toothpaste and the like, things I never really report as it's pretty non consequential and I consider it an unspoken perk of occasionally having the company card...and yes, ... similarly, occasional lunches and the like with the same card...something myself and other family members enjoy. Hell, just this week, while ordering replacement ink cartridges for the company printers, I also included an order for replacements for my home printer.

I don't sweat this stuff; I have no problem discussing it publicly and do so on occasion with other workers but I don't make an effort to turn in receipts most times (though I do on occasion) and the sum total of such things would be well under the range of $200.00 in total (and yeah, I of course still retain receipts as if it did come up, I'd simply pay them). Duh.

Similarly, I will occasionally pocket the 10 or 25 dollars made on used tire sales when running the company alone some weekends, another thing I speak openly about with both my Father and others I work with as, this is something my Father tells me to do on random, infrequent occasions himself; I honestly think he would have no problem with such things if I actually needed the cash and it wasn't something like a 500.00 set of tires or something (which simply does not happen).

But what the good old boy network (many of them his lifelong friends) would interpret these things as,  would be something described as "ripping off your father," or worse ... that last phrase being used on more than one occasion and to my face by more than one of his associates. Generally, my reply and in the presence of my father, is something to the affect of, "Hell yeah...every time he goes out of town and leaves me to run things." ... But what the "investigators" would spin is something far worse and what that could/might be, I can only imagine, but it remains so.


As written of, on several occasions in the past, I also have it on direct confidence of others, some even previous "numbered informants" to the investigation that my father's company is predominantly the only area of my life where daily audio (and potentially video) surveillance data is gathered.

In the past, there have been other areas such as previous residences where surveillance has been gathered and I happen to know the exact nature of some of this data as well, but currently (and for some time) it is just my current daily work environment at my father's company that such data is gathered.

My current household is free of such surveillance, though I think they relish the idea of getting something in here/there...but as mentioned, I live with and have worked with members of a political group who, quite frankly, are pretty damn good at getting to the truth of things and such devices would most likely be quite quickly ferreted out if installed (the ULTIMATE blog post, that!). And, just for the record, I could care less if they were installed as I don't have anything to hide from prying bodies in my basement, no children manacled as sex slaves to the walls of hidden, secret torture chamber huge or not so stash of women's clothes that I like to wear on alternate Saturdays or that I might have stolen while breaking in to some old friends home (really, you simple fucks?) ...  or anything else I'd have a problem with folks viewing

As an aside, though ... Saturday nights are my absolute designated Internet Porn Nights(tm) and that ain't no fucking crime you fucks...besides, when one is forced to be celibate for 13 years straight (true story, with a slight blip/lay a couple years ago) becomes hugely grateful for such outlets; so plant your cameras already!!

But there is daily surveillance at my Father's company, my day job, and I hope that someday it is used publicly as I've taken great pains over the past few years to intentionally and quite dramatically create all sorts of seedy, worrisome and hugely violent (but obviously posed) verbal content to quite literally fuck with the listeners on the other end. Oh, you know ... talking about barbecuing little children, how I prefer sex with 6 year olds cause they are "fresh and hairless" (I actually said that one right in front of my Father and one of his confederate buddies, with a wink, mind you) ... or, how I "can't wait till my nieces friends turn 18 so I can legally fuck the shit out of them" (another exact quote) and on and on; hard stuff to say, even with purpose, but I have a purpose and I know they are getting it so I continue.

This blatant taunting of the surveillance crew? I don't know how to describe it, really.

Somehow, knowing you are a victim of an ongoing crime, knowing you are up against horrible odds with only a few (but powerful) allies, and knowing that, in a very real sense, you and the data being gathered about you could be viewed as "an ongoing, 24 Hour, live snuff film that the sadists get to enjoy" ... I don't know,  having the ability to, in some way, speak directly to there faces, even if only via surveillance feed? And specifically in dramatic and posed ways that are quite obviously designed to taunt and very much make fun of the claims they have made about me? It yields an incredible and genuine sense of personal satisfaction.

And besides, as the person who the above quote is from has once, also been known to say:

"They just do not seem to understand that if they reveal anything they know about your private conversations in your home (or workplace) they cannot call you crazy.  It would be like entering the FBI tapes of Martin Luther King saying the FBI was out to get him as evidence that he was paranoid."

              --Allen L. Barker, from his very excellent essay, Mental Firewalls

So, as written before, I really go off on occasion. Mad made up tirades ... just for the surveillance crew,

And really .. speaking to you all? I just *DARE* you to find some reason to use it publicly.

C'mon ... I'll tell the truth... can't you?

Simple fucks.

Anyway ... I am getting random and a bit vitriolic ... which is bad ... and it also means I should stop. And so I will ...

Sleep well.

Fuck faces.


(humor? remember that?)



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