Thursday, May 7, 2009

Work at last! Thank God Almighty I've got Work at last!

The title was an obvious play on a much more profound and important quote from one Martin Luther King, obviously ... so forgive me for butchering it so.

But, as the title should indicate ... I've got some software/web development work on my plate and, in light of the past 8 years or so ... that's a very very rare and special thing.

I won't wax prosaic about this much, but suffice it to say that THE primary effort on the part of the local authorities behind the ongoing smear campaign of my self has involved the forced prevention of my finding any local (or otherwise) employment in my chosen and traditional career as a software designer.

In the early days and as I was forced out of my last professional job with a local design firm (via a blatant hacking setup) ... this was done primarily by contacting prospective new employers and very matter of factly explaining to them that I was some sort of threat ... either a known computer hacker or a rampant pedophile or worse (if you can imagine).

I have this on good faith of others and as I've mentioned before, I have a a wealth of actual evidence from the last professional gig I had wherein I (at quite the last minute) thwarted an effort by on site, undercover participants in the investigation to rig my workstation in a way that made it very much look as though I were hacking websites from that computer.

Follow the above links if you care to read about the events (some six years ago).

Needless to say ... I have had to approach all other prospective contract work opportunities with the utmost discretion and care.

I've done several small jobs over the past few years with no adverse events occurring but too ... I've published my role in said jobs to a near hyper-vigilant extent and so any sort of setup attempt would seem very suspicious should it play out.

And that's exactly what I aim to do hear ... only in much more abbreviated terms/language because I'm tired and have already covered it in past blog posts.

Contract Gig for Filmmaker!

I'm quite excited to be working on a very cool project for a documentary filmmaker who resides in New York.

She's doing a really neat and important bit of work which aims to explore the rapid "gentrification" of her historically rather cultured and unique neighborhood of Williamsburg (El Puente).

My role in this project is to build an online presentation "port" of sorts for the launch of her film complete with explanations of why she is building the film, call outs to community members involved, a presentation of the film trailer and other film related efforts.

It's a hoot. The content is top notch, with fantastic photography and text copy ... the film is stupendous and I believe in the gal's reasons for doing what she's doing.

So therefore, it's important for me to get it on public record that I'm building this lovely piece of work for my friend in NYC and that said work (as with all of my work to date) is done with nothing but an eye towards quality design and a respect and appreciation for my clients desires and property.

As we progress ... I might publish links to our finished site here at this blog but still haven't decided.

Helping Out a Friend

Lastly ...

I have a pal in California who was recently required to return to serving a two year prison sentence (drunkeness, etc.) after being previously let out on good behavior.

His being sent back to serve more time had to do with a recent "Proposition 9" which past a bit back out in California.

His case is the matter of some public concern as he had already been released on his on recognizance and because of some random bill passing, had to return.

Suffice it to say, he is taking up the fight with the appropriate representatives in California.

But myself?

He's asked that I maintain his MySpace page until he gets out, mostly as a means of him staying in weekly contact with his friends and family and to update everyone as to his ongoing circumstances.

I have, of course, agreed to assist him with this.

He has entrusted me with his MySpace log-in credintials and I am occasionally logging in to his account to make the changes to his MySpace blog which he mails me via letter every other week or so.

As with the site above ... I make this public only to say that I am honored to serve this role for a friend who has fallen on arguably unfair and hard times and my role as the care taker of his MySpace page is done, again, with the utmost respect to my friends desires and property.

Why Say All This?

Again, because wrongful incrimination around the use of computers has been one of the number one tools used by the investigators to attempt to bring *any* sort of lasting charge against me.

A charge that would absolutely prevent or restrict my use of computers and the internet.

And, a charge that would force myself into the "Mad Scientist's" play pen of curious prodding and poking that they've masturbated themselves into desiring over the years.

You can read more about the ultimate objectives of the investigation, here: The Objectives of the Investigators.


Otherwise ...

In the next week, I hope to be publishing a new update email message. This being the regular (well, semi, anyway...) bit of update miscellania that I will send to friend and family and others on a semi-regularly maintained email list of sorts.

Until next time ...


this post is intended to be supplemental to the facts made public in my main website,; it probably will not make much sense to you if you have not already made yourself aware of the legal and personal efforts discussed in that site. please see for a necessary introduction into why this blog exists. or, if you just like reading weird stuff, then don't. and, enjoy.



Monday, April 6, 2009

The Black-Out Fantasy ...

Early on in my publishing of data related to my circumstances ... I repeatedly made the point (in, witness meetings, etc.) that primary among those goals of the investigators was to create the impression of my "supposedly" suffering from some sort of either biological or alcohol/drug induced memory loss and/or black-outs.

The investigators cherished this (and still do, I'm sure) as a goal as, coupled with the right incriminating evidence (stolen property, etc.), such an impression of memory dysfunction associated with my self would open wide the doors of psychological and historic investigation.

In other words, ... they would argue:

"Well, if he's having blackouts and is in possession so and so's property... and if he can't offer up any explanation for why said property is in his possession, then who knows what else he could have been doing while suffering from these bouts of memory loss? And so, we'd better be pretty thorough in doing some behavioral background work to make sure nothing more serious hasn't been committed by his hand."

That's exactly the sort of scenario the investigation has sought to create over the years.

They sought this much more violently and pervasively prior to my publishing of, but even now, I know this to be one of the die-hard goals of the investigation. This is the very reason why, many years ago when I was first coming to understand what was going on around me, a close friend recommended I begin keeping a detailed and daily journal.

And if you think about it, some sort of fictitiously created image of myself as having memory dysfunction, coupled with an altogether damning incrimination circumstance, is about the only way the investigators could legally have mandate to what they are seeking: total and unrestricted privilege to involve me in whatever sort of "alternative sentencing", therapy environment they desire to involve me in. You can read more about the known goals of the investigation at's section on that very topic.

Some Recent Wierdness

Recently, there's been a couple of events which have not only inspired the writing of this blog post but which also somewhat smack of the sorts of movements around myself that may or may not be related to the attempt to generate the impression of my somehow suffering from blackouts.

But before I get to describing these recent events, let me just say ...

It's no secret to my family or immediate friends that I enjoy drinking ale.

I also love vodka.

In fact, by far my favorite thing to do on the weekends is to spend time at my house listening to music and having some ales or enjoying a vodka tonic.

Booze is great ... within reason and all ... and as I said ... I enjoy imbibing from time to time.

That said ... I've never had what you'd call an alcoholic black out or anything even remotely related to such. Sure ... I've had mornings where the previous night was a bit foggy ... but certainly nothing where I didn't know where I had been or what I had done. And I damn sure have never woken up in a strange place or to find strange objects in my possession (oh, women's panties and the like) which I could not explain the aquiring of. That last bit was a bit of a jab at one of the past set ups that I believe the investigators wanted to involve me in ... ;-)

I think such an event would be rather easy to spot on one's historic time line as there would simply be a block of time when one could not account for one's self. Or even better ... some witness to the event, itself.

So anyway ... a couple weird events have occurred around my typical friend and family social circles which I think stand mentioning in light of the above black out/memory dysfunction topics.

Both events have to do with person's close to me noticing some aspect of their personal space and property had been tampered with. Both events are fairly benign, not involving anything criminal or dangerous or potentially either ... just a bit weird and unexplainable.

First, about two weeks ago, my roommate told me that when he went to bed (after I'd already crashed for the night) ... he had entered his room to find his "Sea Pap Machine" (for sleep apnea) removed from it's normal and customary spot on the lower shelf near his bed to, for some reason, be resting on the center of his bed with the motor running.

I of course told him I had no idea what that could have been about ... but it still registered in my mind as a possible thing worth keeping track of. Bottom line? He felt like somebody had entered his bedroom and turn the machine on and then removed it from the shelf to set it on his bed.

Just a strange thing ... but worth noting.

Secondly, just this morning (Mon), my mother calls me and asks if I had come to her house earlier this week. I said no, as I hadn't been down to her place in at least a month.

According to her, some point during the last week, while she was out of town and her husband was at work, somebody had entered her house and used her shower, leaving the towel on the toilet seat. Also, and this is really strange, she claims that a non functioning printer was now functioning and that the same person "fixed the printer" while they were there.

She seemed to believe it was me, even though I told her, no and that I'd been working all week or were otherwise at my house, saying, "they left the towel on the toilet like you always do and you know you always take showers when you come down here."

She then said, "The only other person it could have been was my husband ... but since he said it wasn't him, then he'd have had to have had a blackout or something ... and I'm not sure why that would happen."

Now it's true that during the summer months, when I use my mother's swimming pool, I will occasionally take a shower after getting out of the pool. But I certainly haven't been laying by the pool in this springs somewhat still chilly air ... and in fact, I haven't been to her house in that regard for nearly a couple years.

So the whole thing was just weird and sort of exceptional. Suffice it to say, my "spideysense" was triggered and therefore the authoring of this blog post.

But there the story ends.

I simply told her I hadn't been around and that they should get an alarm system.

So Why are These Two Events Worth Mentioning?

Because they are prime examples of what could, theoretically, be ongoing and subtle attempts to build a bread crumb trail of strange events that might or might not have been related to me (or any other person).

A string of events which, should some more damning and immediate set up of my person transpire, would look highly suspicious once any given historical investigation began.

But, as with so much of what I publish to this blog, they are only hypothetically investigation related and in no way am I making any factual claims.

The benefit of this sort of blog is that it allows me to instantly and regularly keep track of weird events such as have occurred over the past two weeks and should anything serious happen to me in the future, a real incrimination attempt, etc ... I'll at least have already publicized these wee events and thereby, hopefully, rob them of some of their mystery.

this post is intended to be supplemental to the facts made public in my main website,; it probably will not make much sense to you if you have not already made yourself aware of the legal and personal efforts discussed in that site. please see for a necessary introduction into why this blog exists. or, if you just like reading weird stuff, then don't. and, enjoy.



Thursday, March 12, 2009

Iatrogenic Wankers

Now this is what I like to see.

Corrupt practitioners of healthcare being hauled before a judge; ahhhh, the sweetness of it!

Throughout the course of my publishing data associated with my ongoing efforts, I have been very clear in stating that the psychological wing of the investigative pool has had to fabricate supposed aspects of my behavior so as to allow me to neatly fit within the "profile" they wish to utilize in closing the investigation.

This is to say, for the sake of an investigative outcome that suits their personal preferences, an end which it could be said would either support or advance their personal careers ... the "scientific" folk running the behavioral science end of the investigation absolutely *NEED* me to exhibit certain sorts of questionable behavior.

In layman's terms, this could be called possessing a quality of being "iatrogenic," not a very common word but nevertheless a real one ...

The definition of iatrogenic: " iatrogenic: inadvertently caused by the diagnosis or treatment of a physician; or an erroneous diagnosis knowingly applied to an otherwise non-afflicted patient "

This simply means, any disorder, be it of mental or physical diagnosis, which is caused by, created by (either literally or fictitiously) by the health care provider/doctor.

Happens all the time, ya'll.

Houston was a host to one of the most famous cases of such barbarism created by one "Judith A. Peterson " at the infamous Spring Shadows Glen treatment center.

This particular whacko convinced a bunch of folks that they were victims of childhood abuse at the hands of a "satanic cult," ... all for her own personal gain and to prolong the stay (and therefore insurance payments) of the patients involved. Said patients went on to sue the fuck out of the whacko "doctor" but I believe she still practices.

Also, the likes of relatively (in comparison) minor abuses as cited in the opening of this post are more common than most folks expect.

But I would lean towards thinking that the most damaging, the most heinous of such iatrogenic actions committed by those "sworn to do no harm," would have to be those cases which directly impact and cast doubt on the functioning of a person's mind.

Once a person's mind is officially considered compromised ... then any further discrediting of any given personal efforts on a person's part becomes quite unnecessary as "he can't think straight anyway!," ... or ... "He's on all those meds and you know what they've said in the way of diagnosis, so ... who should we believe?"

As discussed in ... my early efforts to prove an investigation of myself did nothing more than give those behind the investigation a very neat opportunity to discredit my efforts by claiming I was simply going bonkers, mentally ill, paranoid, etc.

Since I had made some pretty damning claims regarding certain of the investigation's tactics (covert overdosing on PCP, planting of evidence, spreading of rumors, out right set-ups), it was paramount then (and probably still) that the investigation never be publically revealed.

So they really hit the ground running with this "mental illness" angle some seven or eight years ago when I first began speaking out about what I was witnessing around me (albiet, a bit hysterically and in an unfocused manner).

My mentioned terror/hysteria did nothing but fuel the ongoing attempt to have me committed as a ward of the state, this ultimate goal being pushed very hard on my immediate family members by persons close to us who (at the time) worked for federal and local law enforcement entities.

I only turned the tide on the mental illness assault by taking a few steps back, refusing any and all further discussion of my ongoing events with psychiatric professionals (bad idea!) and especially by absolutely refusing psychoactive treatment via medications (even worse idea!).

That is also when I began deliberately and carefully publishing my story online at and here at this blog ...

So I was not too sure how many of you out there had heard of the term, "iatrogenic." But I thought it would be a decent thing to mention here and the posted article, above is what got me going.


The creation of an illness by the party supposedly diagnosing the illness. Generally, for the benefit of said party.

Pretty gruesome stuff ...

this post is intended to be supplemental to the facts made public in my main website,; it probably will not make much sense to you if you have not already made yourself aware of the legal and personal efforts discussed in that site. please see for a necessary introduction into why this blog exists. or, if you just like reading weird stuff, then don't. and, enjoy.



Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Memory Dysfunction as a tool for incrimination...

Something I haven't mentioned much in this simple little blog is the long known desire of the investigators to create the illusion of my having a propensity towards some sort of chronic memory dysfunction.

This desired effect would be created, of course, through some sort of set up ... the planting of physical evidence on my property ... or some other "background/covert" action that would at some point be used to make me look like somebody prone to blackouts or forgetfulness.

It's actually quite cliche' if you think about it but then again, if successful, it would be very effective towards allowing those behind the investigation to get what they want: Namely, the unrestricted right to "analyze"/explore or psychologically investigate any and everything they might be curious about regarding my person. And, for whatever court ordered period of time that they would end up being granted ...

Remember ... the ultimate goal of the behavioral science end of the investigation really just boils down to that: plain curiosity. As well as academic/professional and personal advance/gain ... but that's just creepy self seeking egoism and so I won't give it the credit of further mention here.

Not that I'm so fascinating ...

But without getting into details, the past 15 years of my life, if observed via an external party who happens to be associated with the Leading Ranks(tm) of Academic Psychological Hobbying(tm) ... as it certainly couldn't be called a science ... will definitely look intriguing and worth some sort of discussion.

But, I'm getting behind of myself ...


The point of this blog post is to publically reiterate the fact that so-called, memory dysfunction and even chronic (alcohol induced or otherwise) black outs are a very important tool in the hands of those who have been scheming to rearrange my life to suit their professional gain/wishes.

I don't experience such phenomenon (amnesia/black outs/etc.) ... even though I drink ... even though I Party Hard(tm) on occasion ...

It's just never happened.

But if you read some of my details on what the investigation ultimately wishes to acheive in so far as the rearranging of my life to suit thier need/gain ... then it should be easy to understand why this is an ongoing and number one desire of those behind the investigation ... and that is, to use as a tool against me. See Here: On Detonation Events

On Memory Dysfunction

This is reprinted from my main domain and website at

It's a few bits on how the ideas of forced incrimination around memory dysfunction remain as a very real and notable aspect of what the investigators have planned in so far as ultimate and false incrimination of myself.


"By far the most provocative and important of lies (regarding personal biology/psychosis) pushed on communities by the investigators has been that I suffer from memory dysfunction. This idea, pushed via rumor and potentially backed up by false incrimination, is most important when considering one of the primary objectives of the investigation, unrestrained license for court ordered participation in psychiatric studies, especially discussion of past relationships and sexual experience from childhood (especially that, considering the Freudian skew of the entire thing) all the way up to current time.

To create the illusion (because I certainly suffer from no such disorder) of memory dysfunction, the agencies in question have resorted to a variety of methods:

  1. The spreading of rumors that I suffer from chronic blackouts when consuming even small amounts of alcohol. This being a highly utilized myth as the agencies in question have found it quite easy to play upon the fact that I had a drug problem as a teenager and was even in AA for a number of years.

  2. The agencies have also coordinated covert druggings, specifically employing drugs which are notorious for severe memory loss. For instance, I have been covertly drugged three times with Phencyclidine (PCP) in the past four years as a part of failed set up attempts; a bit of research on PCP will tell you that one of it's primary hallmark effects is amnesia and otherwise acute memory loss (not to mention symptoms near identical to classic clinical paranoid schizophrenia).

  3. Various other possible causes of acute memory dysfunction have been cited or 'pushed' by the agencies, mostly to those persons acting as official informants, such as biological/disease factors also known to cause amnesia such as systemic lupus or even brain tumors.

    The details of this sort of personal and public attack have been discussed at length with the various personal witnesses that I have met with over the past 3 years and will not be discussed publicly or on this site.

    Suffice it to say, one of the main objectives of the investigation is to show a propensity for memory loss and any and all means of doing this are seen as legitimate means by the agencies behind the investigation.

  4. Finally, the exact nature and circumstance of many of the attempted wrongful incrimination attempts against me have obviously included elements that, post a successful incrimination event, would seem to indicate propensity towards black outs or memory loss.

    You can read more about wrongful incrimination attempts, here."


Otherwise ... ??

Otherwise ... there's not much to say.

There are many areas of wherein I discuss related and past thoughts on possible set up attempts which might desire to include the aspect of memory dysfunction.

I guess, in closing, I could list a few of those areas here; the following links will open a page at which will further discuss the details of the mentioned article:

1. Memory Dysfunction - The Role of Past Covert Druggings

2. Memory Dysfunction - A Hypothetical Event Involving Home Invasion/Panty Stealing


Otherwise ...

You all do continue enjoy life and reading weird shit like this blog.



this post is intended to be supplemental to the facts made public in my main website,; it probably will not make much sense to you if you have not already made yourself aware of the legal and personal efforts discussed in that site. please see for a necessary introduction into why this blog exists. or, if you just like reading weird stuff, then don't. and, enjoy.



Saturday, February 7, 2009

Be patient my adoring fans ...

So I am hard at work drafting further and more detailed commentary regarding the last post...

The bit about being "pretty sure" and all ... the whole Teeny Bopper Showdown(tm) at the grocery store a couple weeks ago ...

But unlike my spur-o-the-moment post previously ... I need to spend some time seriously considering what I want/need to communicate regarding that incident, a bit of time re reading and editing ... before actually posting the follow up ...

So be patient ...

And in the mean time, please have a good time viewing the following video featuring an original song I wrote some years back which has *EVERYTHING* to do with the circumstances made public in this blog and my main website ...

It's called, "Even True Friends," and is mostly directed at the organizers of the ongoing assault on my person and especially those, so called, personal friends of mine who could have helped me neatly address/close these proceedings many years ago simply by publicly acknowledging their personal awareness of the investigation of myself ...


(video content courtesy of and it's wonderful open source collection!)



this post is intended to be supplemental to the facts made public in my main website,; it probably will not make much sense to you if you have not already made yourself aware of the legal and personal efforts discussed in that site. please see for a necessary introduction into why this blog exists. or, if you just like reading weird stuff, then don't. and, enjoy.



Saturday, January 31, 2009

Pretty sure ...

I'm pretty sure I was just stalked by a psycho-social "hit-squad," as I like to call them. This occurring just a half hour or so ago while I was shopping at my regular weekend grocery store ...

I'll write a proper article about this possible bit of public attention in a bit but for now, all I can say is: "Wow! ... were those little mexican teeny boppers beautiful!"

Actually ... one was more like a little girl and the other, I guess her sister ... was actually what any man would call beautiful (radiantly so, even); seventeen to eighteen years of age (or thereabouts) and just as cute as a button.

They were accompanied by a pretty rough looking older Mexican lady (I'd guess mom or grandma) ...

They all approached me head on as I entered H.E.B. ... I of course noticed them as they were looking right at me ... again ... quite the attractive young ladies ...

And as I'll discuss in my upcoming more detailed post ... just cause you notice someone is attractive (even what you'd call beautiful), no matter the age, it certainly doesn't mean your out to fuck them. LMAO!

In my humble estimation, this is where the whole pedophile hunting, psycho-gestapo operation has gone way afoul of reason ... and that is in their (what seems to me, mind you) reckless assumption that just because an adult man or woman might recognize human beauty in a younger person ... that that necessarily means he or she should be analyzed to the Nth degree and publicly lambasted as a threat to his/herself or others (much less a child!).

Much to the contrary ... I'd argue ... and I'm sure a few besides myself ... that such cognizance of human beauty, in an adult or child, is very healthy and even important.

I mean, really, sex doesn't even enter into such an equation ... why would it?

That would be like calling my Dad a pedophile for commenting on how attractive a young lady my little 11 year old niece is! Or another friend that's commented on how cute she is, saying something to the effect of, "Man, is that girl gonna be a dude magnet or what?"

I mean ... WTF?

It's a normal human process and it simply befuddles me (and somewhat amuses me) to no end to see so called "Academicians" out in the public, harassing normal folk with teeny bopper accomplices.

Again ... I quietly LMAO. And also ... again ... much more on the above musings in a bit.


Seriously though ... back to the possibility of the recent events being investigation related ...

Either I've been missing most of such antics, or this is the first of such in a long time! I mean ... psychosocial public probings, street theater and what have you (generally with an observing third party or in tandem with others in the area), is a classic and traditional form of psychological investigation. But it's only noticeable when the actors are bad and if you happen to know you've been the subject of an ongoing local investigation ... but that said ... I've not had any of my internal "flags" thrown in a good while ...

Anyway ...

It was quite a hoot ... real or imagined ... and I certainly had a good time at the grocery store today.

Though these sorts of things (again, more details later) are grossly and always merely hypothetical (on my speculative part) ... it's always fun if only because it gives me cause to write a bit ... and for me ... clicking away at keys, no matter the content, is hugely therapeutic.

And on the other hand ... there are actual and undeniable of such "public explorations" that have been made at my expense which have been witnessed by others and which are just too freakish to disregard as chance ...

See this bit describing a group of pre-teen girlies who literally and regularly were orchestrated to fuck with me when working in a particular neighborhood very near Rice University, here in Houston: Pre-Teen Assault Squad!!

Boy ... those were the days ...


More in a bit ...

this post is intended to be supplemental to the facts made public in my main website,; it probably will not make much sense to you if you have not already made yourself aware of the legal and personal efforts discussed in that site. please see for a necessary introduction into why this blog exists. or, if you just like reading weird stuff, then don't. and, enjoy.



Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"They wanna steal your gear..." -- PART 2 !!

So about three months ago ... when my area was almost universally subjected to power loss due to Hurricane Ike ...

I expressed my concern (as relayed to me by a certain other) that the fanatics behind the investigation of myself ... in oh-so-true, "lets just fuck with him" form ... were planning on taking the opportunity (our house being mostly deserted and all) to break in and steal my precious headphone listening gear and computer.

And so today ...

I arrived home after my typical 3 mile run around the neighborhood, to find a Houston Police cruiser outside of my neighbors house ... and quickly thereafter found that my immediate next-door neighbor, had had their home burglarized earlier today ... with all of their computer and audio equipment stolen ...

Well ... I figured it was time to re affirm what I had posted some months ago.

It may come as a surprise to some of you all out there (unless you've been through similar things as I ) that the number one way to randomly fuck with a person ... and even more frequently, to covertly install surveillance equipment ... is via a home break in.

In this case ... I'm positive (if it actually transpires) that it's not about installing surveillance equipment ...

My private life is rather innocuous and unassuming as such go and they've already gathered all the more provocative surviellance footage they need from many years back ... and so, my hunch is that the installation of surviellance equipment has nothing to do with anything at this point and regarding possible home invasions.

But more so ... the reason for such an invasion would be (quite like a child stealing another kids ice cream on the playground) to remove the few things I've worked very hard to acquire over the past three years and which represent, pretty much, my only and ongoing outlet in the way of personal and, arguably, simple sensual pleasure ...

Namely, ... about $6000 dollars worth of headphone listening equipment ... DACs, amps and headphones and the computer which runs them ... all of which are sitting in my bedroom unused during any given day when I'm at work.

Pay careful attention to my analogy of a child stealing another child's ice cream ... because that is *exactly* the (emotional) purpose of such an invasion of my property were it to take place ...

The investigators (and their politically aligned controllers) know that they can't go through with any of the many and long standing desires to incarcerate or otherwise, "set me up" according to their original efforts/desires ... and so, at this point, the idea is simply to cause duress or discomfort ... and as with any good operation based on the sorts of directives found in such works as "The Art of War" or otherwise ... the point is to simply and constantly erode a person's comfort. Slowly, in quick and rapid bursts ... or otherwise ... but continuously is the predominant requirement (think "Chinese water torture", etc. ;-)

In this case ... since my only weekly routine/habit in regards to personal pleasure and "alone time" most certainly revolves around critical audio listening ... along with the fairly expensive gear necessary for such pursuits ... then it only stands to reason that the strike against my person most concerned with simple discomfort would be the forceful removal of such hard-won items.


So yeah ...

Today I discovered, via direct conversation, that my neighbors home was burglarized.

The offending party took their TV's, computers and even the home owners guns.

Sure, it happens every day and far too often in our world.

But ... if it goes down ... if this "supposed rash of neighborhood theft" does indeed find itself removing my cherished computer and audio gear ...

Well then, ...

On one hand, I'll be vindicated ... I mean ... I've been broadcasting the possibilities of such events actually transpiring for quite a while now. And were they actually too transpire? Well ... it would be up to the observing parties to decide ... but I think the statistics would sway towars my end being the most true and correct.

And on the other hand ...

Should all my gear get jacked ...

Well then I'll simply have a bunch of work and sweat and toil to see through in the name of replacing it with even better equipment.

(NyAAA!) <- childlike warrants childlike, yes? It's only gear ... and no, I don't make a lot of money and so it has been hard won ... but in the end? It's just gear and not a heart or a soul or my breath ...

And so ...

So easily and enjoyable replaced.




Here's a re post of my much earlier and original blog post regarding such concerns:



So this just recently in from a person who has several times in the past confided in me their awareness of the investigation of myself.

Seems, being angered by my flagrant and granted, somewhat jubilant earlier post regarding "Two of My Fav Idiots," those behind the investigation are going back to their old ways in the sense of simply wanting to demoralize me or otherwise, bring about emotional duress through blatant invasive actions against myself and/or my property.

In essence, as with the long ago attempt to make it look like I was hacking my most favorite websites, the point here is to strike at what I most love, to not only insult but to degrade through deft and personal "twists of the knife," so to speak.

Lets Bag His Computer and Hi-fi Gear!

So according to this contact, while having tap water and crackers the other day (we're sort of recovering from a Hurricane around these parts) ... it was conveyed to me that the investigators were growing a bit miffed that not only have I maintained my soveriegnty throughout the past six years but that I've also developed a very neat and consistent way to publish the facts of my ongoing efforts, IE> personal computer combined with my personal website, and this blog.

Furthermore, they seem to be increasingly vexed that I've developed personal hobbies that are truly enjoyable to me (though, admittedly quite expensive to pursue): I'm of course talking about my before referenced headphone listening gear which, literally has cost me over $2500.00 to piece together.

So as with the very old but not forgotten early attacks on my person (theft of household, multiple and continuous thefts/break-ins of vehicle, etc.), the investigators seem to be devolving back into their more infantile mode of operation where they feel that simply lashing out and causing the most emotional duress is their only recourse towards feeling "powerful," or "in control" of the proceedings of the investigation.

I mean to say hear that according to certain "whispers on the wind," of late ... certain rumors from very reliable old friends around my community ... the desire is to at some point burglarize my home and target, specifically, my home computing equipment and especially my audio gear, both of which I use many times over on a daily basis.

This became pertinent at this time I believe simply because the Hurricane, with it's prolonged effect of loss of power to my area, offers those who would see to such heinous actions a unique opportunity as alarm systems are down and there are generally no lights at night.

My Intentions as of Now?

My intentions as of this writing are to simply go on with my life.

I'm not so much of a Lockean freak as to be bothered long by the loss of some of my dear (but in the end) not too important personal property.

Computers can be replaced.

It takes only the simplest of computers to publish to my various efforts online and so I'm not too worried about being disconnected from those (most important) of responsibilities.

My hi-fi gear is a gratuitous luxury.

I enjoy it immensely and have worked like a devil to afford it but bottom line? It's not important to my overall well being.

So if they go through with it, I'll be just fine.

I'll also be a bit vindicated as I have this post warning in advance that it might occur and it will therefore be yet another feather in the "cap of my credibility.


Besides as I go about things in a most mature and respectable manner (for the most part) ... publishing what truths and even "hints of possible truths" that I can ...

And while the proverbial They(tm) sink back further into their well known tendency towards infantile, childish and agressive tactics ...

I can only think that, again, my credibility is even that much more appreciated.


That said.

I pray we get power back soon!



this post is intended to be supplemental to the facts made public in my main website,; it probably will not make much sense to you if you have not already made yourself aware of the legal and personal efforts discussed in that site. please see for a necessary introduction into why this blog exists. or, if you just like reading weird stuff, then don't. and, enjoy.



Thursday, January 22, 2009

Not an Activist...

So I got an email from one of the person's who has contacted me locally due to having read my main website, ...

For what it's worth ... and no offense to said person ... I'm certainly not even slightly interested in meeting anyone local to me who claims to be a gang stalking victim (color me anti-social ... but the thought sort of creeps me out).

Anyway ... I have a nice and trustworthy set of friends who I care for and whom I'm happy knowing; in general, I'm not out to gain more friends and nor do I seek out shoulders to cry on (those slots are full) ;-)

So if your thinking about contacting me ... feel free ... I might even reply ... but for gods sake don't invite me over or give me your phone number.


But anyway ...

I thought it might be interesting to post my response to this latest invite/hail as it further solidifies my point made throughout and this blog that the basis of my ongoing circumstances is rooted in a normal old real world so called, "criminal investigation" of myself ...

Anyway ... here's a transcript of our dialogue ... I'll start with my reply ... the original message (sans personal info) will follow:

-----Original Message-----
Sent: Wednesday, January 21, 2009 12:55 PM

Subject: Not an Activist

I appreciate the candor but I'm not at all interested in networking or otherwise backing a common cause.

I am not a "gang stalking activist" and nor do I wish to be. My efforts with my site and blog are 100% selfish and geared towards the maintenance of my own well being and legal protection ... and, towards that goal, have been successful for well nigh six years.

Please understand ... I don't mean to be rude ...

But, unlike many of the more ephemeral, so-called "TI's" and what not ... who have no real and publicly acknowledged reason for the attention to themselves (other than the many and winded hypotheticals) ... I am, myself, simply the subject of a rotten and ego driven federal investigation related to computer hacking, supposed pedophilia and pirated software (among other contrived things) ...

The bits about pirated software and computer hacking have some very real world origins in certain of my past social relations and technical projects ... you'd have to study to read about them. Suffice it to say ... I was involved with the most prominent of computer hacker circles in Houston back in the day ... many of my friends went to federal prison for such practices ... and again ... it's all on my site.

That said ...

Gang stalking, something I do recognize as a real and horrible phenomenon, has simply been a *TACTIC* used by the investigators to further their goals of seeing an end to things that will justify their efforts over the years.

As discussed in my site ... my family is one painful degree away from some of the most powerful and egotistical (and very very bored) politicians and federal authorities in Houston. Said connections have very much so played into the ongoing drama of course ... and certain of these old farts are still playfully resigned (biding their time and all) to see things through in a way that will please them.

My efforts with and my blog are simply in the name of legal protection and not meant to necessarily support any movement or concerted effort among similar cases to, "prop one another up." Though I must say ... as the resources section of my site makes clear enough ... I am absolutely sympathetic to the life threatening psychological damage that such circumstances can cause and I've tried to make my own "touchstones" along the way, public.

Once more ...

I appreciate your words but I'm quite happy with my social and (semi) professioanal life; though my opportunities in the software design/computing arena have been all but permanently destroyed, I still stay happily employed at various other fun and semi-worthwhile pursuits; my family is close to me and despite thinking my ramblings are manifestations of mental illness (god bless them, they all take some form of anti-depressant), are nonetheless supportive.

Any sort of ongoing psycho-social and public probings (street theatre/etc.) are simply fun to observe at this point and cause me no real unrest (psychologists and those seeking scientific noteriety/fame are nearly as notable for their disgusting egos as are the aforementioned politicians) ...

And further, the phsycially damaging aspects of my circumstances, covert druggins, etc. ... ceased altogether a few years back after involving certain of my long time, older and publicly influential friends in my efforts ... and I mean, specifically, those sorts of friends who have acted as informants to what they thought, at one time, was a legitimately concerned investigation (or were made to believe such) ... but yet who digressed from involvement once they became aware that things like covert druggins were going on. Thankfully, such persons were in a position to say, "You stop this sort of thing, or I'll back him up in his FOIPA requests ..." <-- which would be a real mess for people who, by habit, are rigidly careful not to get to much of a mess on their public selves .... ;-)

So again .

Thanks and good luck.


-----Original Message-----
From: anonymous []
Sent: Wednesday, January 21, 2009 12:55 PM

Hello. So my site has grown in terms of making connections with others who have been targeted. One particular connection is a lawyer who has been targeted for several years and we got to talking about real world meetings and the need for this type of leveraging of our numbers. With this in mind I started a forums section ...(content removed to protect identity)... one goal being to discuss some protocol for people to be able to feel safe about connecting with others in, again, real world settings...along with a general goal of providing relatively safe place where targeted folks can share their experiecnes and connect with each other. I've found a lot of inspiration and community in the online world, but I think that to provide solid support and strengths sharing meetings are the way to go. Honestly, I'm still a bit close('for comfort') to the latest larger stalking events to be extremely comfortable with something like hosting such a meeting, but am taking the lead and helpful safety suggestions of this contact who is willing to host such a meeting at his home...I can see myself getting there, though not at my home, finding a community venue of some sort. (too many break-ins and tampering to want to invite making my home even more of a target)

Just thought I'd try to connect with you again seeing that your site was the first one I came across that related experiences similar to my own, and on top of that we happen to live in the same city. I've found trust to be an entirely new creature over the last couple of years than it had been most of my life, but I've always been adventurous regardless of variations in fear experiences, etc. Maybe you'd consider online/phone talking and/or meeting up at some point. I'd love to hear more of your experiences (and share mine) if that sounds good to you. You can check out my site to read more about me and my experiences. ...(content removed to protect identity)...

In other news--
I recently got to meet probably the one music/poetry influence I'd most like to... a few weeks ago and thanked him for his awareness and attention to covert methods of manipulation... to which he responded something like 'how did you know I was gang stalked?' --it seems he doesn't want to connect this with the more public persona / works. Of couse I hadn't known, but the energies I picked up on in the music and the lyrics described to me experiences that resonated so closely with my own experiences... I knew he was into awareness of covert control and such, yet I was surprised to discover that none of the other connections were just my own /in my head, he had actually had similar experiences to my own. Since this wonderful synchronicity (it truly felt like a reward after the hell of the last few years, especially considering there was some stalker-critters at the show when there hadn't been any activity for 3 months) I've been experiencing some bursts of creativity and success in connecting with others regarding progressing through the BS known as gang stalking. I do my best to keep my spirits up, but it takes a fun, good coincidence like that to see how good it is to find community, someone else who knows what my experiences are like, etc.

...(content removed to protect identity)...

Anyway, if you want to talk sometime shoot me an email or give me a call if you like ...(content removed to protect identity).... My name is ...(content removed to protect identity)... I live with my cat, hamster and boyfriend, ...(content removed to protect identity)... I guess that's about it for now. Maybe I'll hear back from you. Either way, I hope you're well and things are going alright in your life.


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