Thursday, May 7, 2009

Work at last! Thank God Almighty I've got Work at last!

The title was an obvious play on a much more profound and important quote from one Martin Luther King, obviously ... so forgive me for butchering it so.

But, as the title should indicate ... I've got some software/web development work on my plate and, in light of the past 8 years or so ... that's a very very rare and special thing.

I won't wax prosaic about this much, but suffice it to say that THE primary effort on the part of the local authorities behind the ongoing smear campaign of my self has involved the forced prevention of my finding any local (or otherwise) employment in my chosen and traditional career as a software designer.

In the early days and as I was forced out of my last professional job with a local design firm (via a blatant hacking setup) ... this was done primarily by contacting prospective new employers and very matter of factly explaining to them that I was some sort of threat ... either a known computer hacker or a rampant pedophile or worse (if you can imagine).

I have this on good faith of others and as I've mentioned before, I have a a wealth of actual evidence from the last professional gig I had wherein I (at quite the last minute) thwarted an effort by on site, undercover participants in the investigation to rig my workstation in a way that made it very much look as though I were hacking websites from that computer.

Follow the above links if you care to read about the events (some six years ago).

Needless to say ... I have had to approach all other prospective contract work opportunities with the utmost discretion and care.

I've done several small jobs over the past few years with no adverse events occurring but too ... I've published my role in said jobs to a near hyper-vigilant extent and so any sort of setup attempt would seem very suspicious should it play out.

And that's exactly what I aim to do hear ... only in much more abbreviated terms/language because I'm tired and have already covered it in past blog posts.

Contract Gig for Filmmaker!

I'm quite excited to be working on a very cool project for a documentary filmmaker who resides in New York.

She's doing a really neat and important bit of work which aims to explore the rapid "gentrification" of her historically rather cultured and unique neighborhood of Williamsburg (El Puente).

My role in this project is to build an online presentation "port" of sorts for the launch of her film complete with explanations of why she is building the film, call outs to community members involved, a presentation of the film trailer and other film related efforts.

It's a hoot. The content is top notch, with fantastic photography and text copy ... the film is stupendous and I believe in the gal's reasons for doing what she's doing.

So therefore, it's important for me to get it on public record that I'm building this lovely piece of work for my friend in NYC and that said work (as with all of my work to date) is done with nothing but an eye towards quality design and a respect and appreciation for my clients desires and property.

As we progress ... I might publish links to our finished site here at this blog but still haven't decided.

Helping Out a Friend

Lastly ...

I have a pal in California who was recently required to return to serving a two year prison sentence (drunkeness, etc.) after being previously let out on good behavior.

His being sent back to serve more time had to do with a recent "Proposition 9" which past a bit back out in California.

His case is the matter of some public concern as he had already been released on his on recognizance and because of some random bill passing, had to return.

Suffice it to say, he is taking up the fight with the appropriate representatives in California.

But myself?

He's asked that I maintain his MySpace page until he gets out, mostly as a means of him staying in weekly contact with his friends and family and to update everyone as to his ongoing circumstances.

I have, of course, agreed to assist him with this.

He has entrusted me with his MySpace log-in credintials and I am occasionally logging in to his account to make the changes to his MySpace blog which he mails me via letter every other week or so.

As with the site above ... I make this public only to say that I am honored to serve this role for a friend who has fallen on arguably unfair and hard times and my role as the care taker of his MySpace page is done, again, with the utmost respect to my friends desires and property.

Why Say All This?

Again, because wrongful incrimination around the use of computers has been one of the number one tools used by the investigators to attempt to bring *any* sort of lasting charge against me.

A charge that would absolutely prevent or restrict my use of computers and the internet.

And, a charge that would force myself into the "Mad Scientist's" play pen of curious prodding and poking that they've masturbated themselves into desiring over the years.

You can read more about the ultimate objectives of the investigation, here: The Objectives of the Investigators.


Otherwise ...

In the next week, I hope to be publishing a new update email message. This being the regular (well, semi, anyway...) bit of update miscellania that I will send to friend and family and others on a semi-regularly maintained email list of sorts.

Until next time ...


this post is intended to be supplemental to the facts made public in my main website,; it probably will not make much sense to you if you have not already made yourself aware of the legal and personal efforts discussed in that site. please see for a necessary introduction into why this blog exists. or, if you just like reading weird stuff, then don't. and, enjoy.



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