Friday, December 4, 2015

Changes have come and they are a come'n....

My life circumstances changed rather dramatically about three months ago ...

My roommate of the past 9 or so years, also a near life long member of a certain long standing political and intelligence group that I've been heavily involved with for the past 13 years, recently passed away. 

He passed of somewhat natural causes; he was in his late 50's. I will not go in to the complications that brought about his demise.

And recognizing the fact that I have not felt inclined to author any worrisome (or otherwise) bits here on my blog over the past year or more is evidence of the fact that my life, especially in regards to my ongoing living arrangements with this fellow (and our mutual acquaintances), has become increasingly more defined as something that could almost be called "normal;" it's certainly been vastly more enjoyable over the past five years because of my friendship with this person: I have worked the same daily job for nearly seven years. I have pursued my ongoing passion for high end audio listening gear, headphones, building custom computers, writing, reading, etc ... and for the past four years, I have been committed to a daily regimen of physical training, both strength training in the gym and especially, many miles logged trail running at Houston's Memorial Park mountain bike trails and can honestly say that I'm in the best physical, emotional and mental condition of my life; this latter bit regarding physical disciplines cannot be stressed enough as something that has become central to my ongoing happiness in this life. 

That link just above is to my personal Facebook page, BTW ... where, by intention, I make all content, at all times, totally public ... feel free to browse about, you'll find lots of porn and humor and nonsense ... and also some fairly serious shit in my "Notes" section; pardon the half naked photo, BTW ... but I'm quite proud ... four years ago I was well nigh obese and weighing over 230 pounds, today I go back and forth between 162lbs and 164lbs and maintain about 15% body fat; it's absolutely *centering* and therapeutic to pound my body into submission on a daily basis ... be it running six miles in the woods or spending two hours strength training in the gym ... it's a positively irreplaceable and productive habit and is one of the most important and fun things I currently get to enjoy in my life. 

Minor Concerns

His passing creates a few fleeting concerns for me, of course, and exactly related to all the drama and movements around me so acutely illustrated in the whole of my main website,

It is precisely because I have had a trustworthy friend and confidant over these years, some person that could absolutely testify to my daily behaviors when at home or otherwise not at work, that I have felt way less bothered by the very real movements that were made against me in the past: IE: "No, Joel was not smashing windows out of cars on the street last night cause I was home and up all night and would have seen him come and go." ... Or, "No, Joel didn't sneak in to the neighbors house and steal some woman's undergarments cause one, I know he's not some repressed freak and two, I was up all night and would have seen him come and go.".  (Don't scoff, this very last imagined scenario has already been attempted once in the distant past).  I mean to say, that considering there have been and probably still are, quite influential and determined folks trying to cast my person in a less than wholesome light via false incrimination and the like ... it's made a huge difference to share a home with a trustworthy and unswayable friend ... and the lack of this person in my life, as of now, is why I write.

So I'm living alone in this big ass house for the next few months...

Just three months prior to his passing, he had bought a new house in West Houston, where he and I had intended to move (from the other home we had shared for 7+ years). Ironically and sadly, the weekend we were to move, he collapsed in his room and would eventually succumb to his illness about a month later.

That said, and because the house had been paid for, his siblings (who inherited the house) have allowed me to stay in it on a rental basis through til March of 2016.

This is unbelievably kind of them and the gesture is not lost on me ... but it does create a dramatic bit of new circumstance for me regarding those persons/groups so often referred to in who I'm sure would still very much like to manipulate my life in to some circumstance under their jurisdiction.

Said plainly, I'm alone in a nice house on a street densely packed with families and professionals (it is a typical, rather nice middle class street) and the opportunity for nefarious actions against myself, those that would undeniably benefit from the fact that there is no other  person living with me, are made 1000x more enticing to orchestrate).

I'm not too worried about this and I'm certainly losing no sleep over it ... but long standing and quite ingrained protocols require that I publish this bit in advance of my enjoying the next few months in this lovely home:

Oh yeah, here is is, by the way ... just snapped this shot today (12/04/15):



Pretty dope, huh?  

It's super nice. My recently passed roommate had the entire interior re worked: new flooring and paint throughout and it's just pristine.

The truth is, had I my druthers, I would always rather live alone. I am a solitary person and prefer to spend any and all free time I have doting over my various interests and hobbies. I am a "tinkerer" at heart and never have enough time to see to the various pursuits I've chosen to be involved in (and no, that would *not* be amassing huge stock piles of underage women up-skirt videos) ... (humor, remember it) ... 

But the Fact Remains...

At one time and certainly today (because I know very well the nature of those who have set themselves against me), the desire of certain "forces"/agencies has been to cast myself in a sexually nefarious light. To do this, said agencies have used ongoing wrongful incrimination attempts which, across the board, have attempted to slot me in to some contrived circumstance that would seem to indicate that I am exhibiting some cliche' behavior associated with the gross and popular psychological "profiles" of such persons one might witness on any given night and on any given criminal investigation sitcom.

And just considering the absurdity of the above paragraph? It should be said...

I'm 48 years old and have *nothing* but a wealth of ridiculously wonderful relationships behind me ... both those serious and bordering on life long commitment and those frivolous, recreational and sexually playful; I have not been sheltered in regards to such things.  Not that it's anybodies business, but more so as a demonstration of the fact that I am not some closeted recluse lacking in sexual experience (though I really am a recluse and proud of it, but certainly not sexually closeted) ... I have to say, among those serious relationships and those not so? I would estimate that I've been with at least 40 romantic partners (I am Heterosexual, BTW) since I lost my virginity at the age of 15.  I mean prior to year 2001, that is ... when all this ridiculous and political and gross shit hit the proverbial fan.

It should also be said immediately following that sort of gross public statement above, that I have chosen to remain celibate until I have made some public resolution of these circumstances (namely, a provision of the Federal Bureau of Investigation documents, quite well known to exist by not only myself but many others who have acted as informants to the investigation, that will prove publicly that at least a degree of what I have written and ranted about over the years, is true). 

And it's true .... (other than one encounter with an "Old flame" a few years back) ... I have been completely celibate since year 2001.  I do not date. I do not ask women out and, should a woman ask *me* out, I politely decline (yes, this has happened and it hurt).  This commitment to celibacy is not the least bit problematic for me. At this point in life I am completely enthralled by the pursuit of my own personal betterment, physically, emotionally and also intellectually. I have very little time to myself outside of the pretty horrible day job that I work weekly (family company) and so when I have a few hours to myself? Honestly? I would vastly prefer to be alone. And besides, just regarding simple sexual needs? I can quite effectively see to those myself; I have no qualms with being a "DIY Guy" ... not in the slightest. And so far, no hair has grown on the palm of my hand.  

But all humor aside, a commitment to celibacy is essential as I've already seen two potentially great relationships with two really great females, completely ROUTED by the shit storm of social insanity outlined in my main site, ... one ruined by rumor and slander and one ruined because the woman in question had been coerced into attempting to manipulate me and I found her out (both horribly unacceptable) ... and I'm simply not going to go through it again. Thank god for internet porn is all I can say ,... 

I will write more about this in the next couple of days; this is a very loose, rough draft that it pains me to publish as it's most likely chock full of spelling and grammatical errors but since I've been living in this home, alone, for over a month now, I wanted to get these new circumstances out and into the ether while I had a few moments to write at the bar down the street from my house ...

Stay tuned for more as I will be filling in more important information ...

OH YEAH!!!  Almost forgot ... not that it's too related to this post but I have another blog wherein I have, quite literally, recorded every single days events over the past three years; it is not entertaining reading but it is *very* fucking thorough ... and it's especially important now that I am living alone....

this post is intended to be supplemental to the facts made public in my main website,; it probably will not make much sense to you if you have not already made yourself aware of the legal and personal efforts discussed in that site. please see for a necessary introduction into why this blog exists. or, if you just like reading weird stuff, then don't. and, enjoy.


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